Self-Reliance Round Up 1

The past several days have been eventful in the SurvivalSphere. Here’s a sample (including some not-Survival-oriented sites!):

The Al Dente blog notes that it’s time for the seed catalogues to come out— so start planning that garden now!

Newsweek (of all places) has an article on preppers, featuring Lisa The Survival Mom!

Speaking of the Survival Mom, she’s been on a roll these past few days: Checkout Preparedness Rule Number One, Just-in-time-shipping and your family’s survival, and the follow up Update: Trucking Company shuts its doors.

SurvivalBlog is always chock full of survival-goodness, so just head on over and read something. . .

Next time some Super!Survivalist goes on a tear about the future need to eat your dog (*Sigh* this is a pet peeve of mine, no pun intended), think of this story: Dog saves boy from Cougar

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About zmalfoy

Z. Malfoy is a practicing Catholic-with-an-"interesting"-past. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (Spec. Voice) from Loyola University New Orleans, and has since taken a few business courses to expand her knowledge base. In her free time, she studies belly-dance, alchemy, theology, and various skills related to self-sufficiency. She also enjoys reading science fiction, refreshing her French, and watching anime. She recently started with learning Krav Maga and Russian.

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