In the Garden: Agrimony and Aloe

So I got home yesterday, cracked open a few books, and immediately found some plants I’d missed. *Sigh* So today, we’re already playing catch-up, with Agrimony and Aloe. (For the record, I’ll be listing Aconite under “Wolfsbane”). We’ll catch Almond tomorrow.


Agrimony is popular among herbalists for eyewashes and a tonic for colds. The tannins in the herb explains why it works well as an eyewash (much like black tea). Recent research indicates that it may have an effect in stimulating Cytokines, which in turn boost immune response, thus making it helpful for minor ailments like colds. However, most herbalists warn against using it when pregnant or when constipated, due to its astringent nature.

Agrimony can be grown from seeds in the spring or by root division in the fall, in full or partial sun. Harvest in the summer when flowers are in bloom, and hang to dry. Harvest seeds in late summer/ early fall. More information here and here. Hasler notes that most sources agree that agrimony is associated with Jupiter.


In North America, Aloe is commonly raised as a houseplant, and very popular for the soothing of skin irritations from rashes ans scratches to minor burns. The inner resin is common in skin-care products, but folk should be aware that some are allergic to aloe, so be careful in its use.

Aloe is most commonly propagated by leaf cuttings, and can be harvested when ever needed, once established. Care for aloe as other cacti– sandy soil, do not over water.

Hasler associates Aloe (and all cacti) with The Sun, The Moon, and Mars.

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