A Letter from 9 GOP Congresswomen

I dunno how I feel about this. One the one hand, I’m all for almost anything that stops Obamacare. On the other hand, the opening paragraphs make me queasy. Read it at PJ Media.

What gets me in these first paragraphs is this:

As we reflect on what the past year has meant for our families, it’s clear that President Obama’s policies are hitting women especially hard.

Since the president took office on January 20, about one million women have lost their jobs and today the unemployment rate among women is at the highest level in over 25 years. But perhaps most concerning of all, the president’s economic policies have severely harmed the small business community, which has traditionally been the part of our economy that propels us out of recession and is increasingly being used by women as a means of career advancement and financial independence.

. . . Um, they ain’t calling it a “Man-cession” for nothing, you know. . . As the comments below the post state: “World Ends, Women hit hardest“. Geez, can we ever get over the victim mentality? Especially when there are legitimate beefs to be had? Listen, when it comes to this recession, it’s quite clear that, in the most direct sense, Men are the hardest hit. And this disparity is disturbing, because there shouldn’t be such an obvious disparity that it’s named a Man-cession.

The letter goes on to state some legitimate concerns over the change in mammogram guidelines, and what this means for state-subsidized mammogram programs for struggling wome. This is a legitimate concern, as insurance companies often follow this same direction. If I were an insurance company, I probably would . . .

They should have brought the letter to me for editing, clearly. I would have cut the first two paragraphs,and re-worded a lot of the rest. I think I see what they’re trying to do, but the effort comes across as something I wrote in undergrad. *shrugs*. Who knows, though, whom it might influence. . .

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