What are the Dementors up to?

I try to keep things cheerful, I suppose because overall, I’m a cheerful person. I like so share laughter, cooing over cute things, delighting over the awesome of awesome things. But above all, this blog is a place for me to spill my thoughts, such as they are, firstly for myself, and secondly for anyone who may stop by.

So I must confess that often my cheer is a desperate attempt to lighten the shadows creeping round, hoping that my laughter will birth fairies or invite angels to come and do their thing in this glowering night. We must never forget laughter, never forget the good, the amazing, the beauty that surrounds us. Despite what may be bearing down upon us.

Three Links: Neo-Neocon, Gateway Pundit and The Anchoress. Read ’em, read the warnings from those who have seen all this before. I’m not really sure where to start, where to begin when faces with such monstrous horror. Well, aside from getting on my knees, of course, and begging the Lord to show mercy upon our wayward people. . . I think I shall address mainly what the Anchoress has said.

Let me preface by saying: I go to the Anchoress because she is a gentle presence on the web, a level head, a humble soul who, more often than not, counsels that we take a moment to think and reflect before going off on a tear. She is about as far from conspiracy-minded as possible, which makes this posting of hers . . . troubling, at best.

I know some might easily think that the election of the deft and dishonest Barack Obama mirrors the rise of Hitler, but it seems to me that in ‘08 we were not quite as utterly fed up with the leadership of both parties as we are, in ‘10.

 . . . But as the center continues to break down because it “cannot hold” and things begin to resemble the wobbly, widening gyre of Yeat’s “Second Coming” it does seem to me that someone who claims to be even more “above it all” than the melodramatic Obama pretended to be, would find many welcoming him or her into the public arena.

A warning I think all we self-proclaimed patriots must take to heart. No matter what happens, we must not allow ourselves to become consumed by our anger. Let us not allow our rage to blind us. Let us not be so desperate for a leader that we follow false prophets, the wolves in Lamb’s clothing we were warned against. Above all, let’s keep our heads. We’re in a dangerous spot, perched so precariously on a razors edge–if we do nothing, we fall. If our backlash is too strong, we betray ourselves and thus fail. Listen. Pay attention. We are all sinners, we are all flawed. We must be aware of what all people in power are doing, because they may be True (and let us pray they are!), or they may not be. We must pay attention, and not run blindly into an even worse hell than we are running from.

The Anchoress then shares what she wrote to Neo, her thoughts from that morning’s shower (a place I’ve found many a revelation to come. Perhaps the physical nakedness and the act of cleaning– purifying– oneself allows one to be more open to depth? An interesting thought for another time. . .):

I am very disturbed by these “high integrity” dems running from the ship. I note a few things:

1) (Cantor aside) They’re all going to vote in this health bill and then skip town.

2) They wouldn’t end their political careers for “nothing;” book deals and gigs as lobbyists are small compensation for the loss of power, title, access, so they all must have gotten something else that induced them to vote-and-run-for-it. Perhaps that is where the stimulus money sent to fake congressional districts and fake zip codes has actually gone – into their pockets.

3) The names I’m seeing (Ed freaking Schultz?) being bandied about to take the place of these dems are names of farther to the left, not more centrist.

4) Look up: Universal Voter Registration. As I have said before, the dems are not concerned about polls or representative government anymore, because they don’t actually believe they’re ever going to have to deal with “real” elections again.

5) Those conservatives who are gloating about how they’re going to “win in 2010!” and who think these Dem resignations are evidence of a coming “bloodbath,” are thinking precisely what the dems want them to think. Americans may not be loving the land of liberalism, but Obama is still the self-esteem president; he still has the bully pulpit (and the “Obama-do-me” press), and he’s proven that he knows how to pivot for expediency’s sake.

Remember, she’s not a conspiracy-monger. Let us all sit and have a good-sized think. We all know things are very wrong. We’ve all felt it for some time, growing worse and worse. Now things like #4 are showing their hideous little faces, like rapids before the long, long fall. Do you see it? Do you see what our elders are warning us about? Can you conceive of how monstrous this is? A 300 storey hydra bearing down on us at the speed of sound, and no Heracles in sight.

Not even a paltry Gryffindor to stall for time.

We must pray. We must listen. We must pay attention. We must warn others however we can. We cannot allow this to continue, or we will all be slaves to an evil even worse than those this poor world has yet seen.


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