Concern Trolls ought not be paid . . .

Also from the Hillboyz, pounding away furiously at the keyboard, a letter to all Scott Brown supporters about Eeyores and Concern trolls. I don’t think they’ll mind if I reprodice for your convinience:

To Scott Brown and all his supporters,

We are writing to you as moderate Democrats who fought for Hillary Clinton all through 2007-2008, then became Democrats for McCain/Palin and remain supporters of former Govenor Palin now. This means that for almost three years now, we have been on the receiving end of everything the Left has dreamed up to throw at us.  Dr. Utopia, our current president, and his supporters are truly the most vile and malicious people we’ve ever been up against.  In the primaries, in particular, their viciousness, hatred, and stop-at-nothing/ends-justify-means attitude was sobering. We learned many lessons in the trenches we won’t soon forget — and need to pass on to you now.

For the next ten days, the most effective thing the Left will do is to demoralize Scott Brown’s supporters to convince them to sit their butts home on election day.  It is a time-proven and successful tactic of the Left.  Frankly, it’s the best tool in their arsenal.  We call this Eeyore-breeding and concern-trolling.

Here’s what they’re going to do:

(1) Convince Scott Brown’s supporters to sit home by telling them he’s already lost and it’s meaningless for them to vote.  Dr. Utopia’s Obots worked overtime before every primary or caucus telling all of Hillary Clinton’s supporters it was pointless to vote, that they should just give up, and that Dr. Utopia was going to win Massachusetts, California, Ohio, Texas, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, South Dakota, you name it.  Sometimes, during the middle of voting in a given state, the Obots would start the rumor that Hillary Clinton had dropped out of the race.  They beseiged Clinton supporting sites telling everyone to just give up and go home.  They called likely Clinton voters and told them to just stay home.  Working off scripts, they just hammered and hammered this into people — and it worked!  Here in Chicago, we had a few volunteers — good friends of ours — who would get so depressed at what the Obots were saying that they’d just stop phone banking, would curl up under covers, and would go to sleep until the election was over…forever surprised when Clinton won Ohio, Texas, or wherever like she was supposed to.  Obots lie.  Once a race was over, they’d start telling lies about the next one, to breed new Eeyores.  Scott Brown, Eeyores are your biggest threat…people who walk around like infected zombies, spreading little black rainclouds to others.

(2) Use the media to breed more Eeyores.  Essentially, in 2008 the national media became Obots with journalism degrees and seats at anchor tables.  Anyone running against Liberals has to know he is running against the MSM too.  They are one and the same.  Liberal-Socialist Democrats control the news media, because the media sees itself as Liberal first, journalists second.  The MSM will do everything it can to beat Scott Brown’s supporters into the ground and convince them to give up.  In the Richard Matheson “I Am Legend”, the MSM’s like the vampires outside hounding the Last  Man on Earth to just give up, just walk outside to be destroyed, to give up all hope and surrender.  That’s all they did to Hillary Clinton from January 3rd – June 3rd, 2008, when they told her every day to “just quit already” and heaped abuse on all her supporters to “give up and go home”.  It is what they will do to Scott Brown for the next 10 days to, to demoralize his supporters.

(3) Concern trolls will invade all Scott Brown email lists, blogs, and forums to breed Eeyores.  Concern trolls are people who pose as Scott Brown supporters, and then make statements that start out sounding like they support him, but then finish by saying, “Well, I really wanted him to win, and like I said I really like him, but I think he can try again in a few years.  It wasn’t his time, and he did a good job, but let’s face it, he’s lost this time.  We should just all sit home and back cookies tomorrow instead of voting.  Doesn’t cookies sound yummy?  Much better than going to vote.  Martha Coakley’s already won”.  The concern trolls hope to find weak minded Brown supporters and infect them with Eeyorism…the disease Republicans, especially are so susceptible, that makes people lose all their fire and plop their big butts into comfy sofas and sit there doing nothing.  ”Oh, I read on the Internet that it’s over and Coakley’s already won and that I should sit home and eat cookies instead of voting.  I am so depressed, there are rain clouds over my head now.  If a stranger I don’t know at all on the Internet told me to give up, I have to give up, because that person said to.”  Waaaaah!  The Eeyores then infect other people, breeding more Eeyores, keeping more butts in comfy sofas, and before you know it Brown’s lost half his ground troops to an Eeyore outbreak.  Hillary Clinton lost contests like Wisconsin, North Carolina, Guam, and Missouri because of Eeyores.

You need to stay fired-up and motivated to see this thing through to January 19th.

Yes, it’s an uphill battle.

We never said it wasn’t.

Nothing worth fighting for was ever easy.

You don’t give up until your opponent does, no matter how tired you get, no matter how much you think you can’t go on.


We are telling you that Democrats are terrified about this Senate race.

This is how Liberals acted before Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana in the 2008 primaries.  ALL of those contests Tim Russert and the other pigs at MSNBC called for Dr. Utopia, telling Hillary Clinton she should just shut up and sit down and quit.  The Obots came out in force, breeding Eeyores left and right.  We lost hundreds of volunteers in Chicago to Eeyorism…people who just stopped showing up to phone banks, stopping canvassing, stopped volunteering, because “the TV told me it was over”.  We hope there is a special place in Hell for Tim Russert, that shameless pig.  It’s frustrating people listen to the Liberals on TV, but you have to accept the fact that they do.  The TV is powerful, and it will be focused on telling Scott Brown’s voters to fall into their Republican patterns of sitting their butts home on election day because the TV says there’s no hope for Brown.

This is what the TV did to Clinton voters in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

But enough of us fought the Eeyorism and delivered those states to our champ.

We implore all of you out there to learn from us, to look back on our example, and to PLEASE fight back against the Liberals and Eeyorism.

The Liberals are using the same playbook from 2008 in 2010.  They have not learned any new tricks.  Why should they, when the old ones worked so well?

Scott Brown has the opportunity to become Senator Hottie McAwesome.  Never let it be said that this group of gay dudes in Boystown, Chicago didn’t do all they could to help a former centerfold become more awesome.  Never let it be said we haven’t dedicated our lives to eradicating the Eeyore virus and shutting down concern trolls wherever we find them.

If we work hard and don’t give up, we’ll win.

Senator Hottie McAwesome’s victory will be the first blow against the Liberal-Socialist Democrat Party for the Resistance Movement that’s forming, which will ultimately drive all 60 current Democrats from the Senate in the next three elections cycles.  We can take back this country, from the only angle we have available to us at the moment:  the Massachusetts Senate race.

That angle is the centerfold.

Our great hope is Scott Brown.

His victory depends on never giving up, no matter what.

Pass this along as much as you can. People need to know about the mind games used against them.

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