Self-Sufficiency Round-up:2

Time for another brief round-up of Self-Sufficiency info for the interested:

First, this was a link passed around in a private forum, and I think everyone needs to read and then have a good hard think about it. The Illusion of Normalcy Fades to Black. Follow and read the links, too, especially the link to the article about the looming Crop Crisis. No, I don’t believe everything in the articles, I admit I’m a bit skeptical. But, even if 80% is accurate, we’re in big trouble. Read, take a breath, and then have a good think about it.

Second, let’s go to the Survival Mom– she’s got a list of resources for the Survival Binder that you may find useful.

From the SurvivalistBlog, here’s The Top 10 Ways Not to Survive. (H/T The SurvivalMom)

Glenn Beck, at the time of this writing, was talking about having just finished reading One Second After. If I ever get around to assembling a booklist, this will be on it.

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