Today might be the day . . .

Hints of voter fraud are already popping up on the internet, enough for people to be cataloguing them already. The big question in the MA Senate election has never been “Can Brown Win?” but rather “Can Brown win by a big enough margin that the– now sadly routine– Dem voter fraud is a made moot?”

After the last few elections, people expect the Dems to lie, cheat and steal as a matter of course, and if Brown doesn’t win big, the Unions, Acorn, and all the dead zombie voters of MA will work overtime, vote 10 times, beat people, intimidate people, until Cloakley “pulls it off.”

But maybe not this time. Maybe, today, the voters of MA remind their politicians just who is in charge. Maybe today they take the first step in pulling us back from the brink. Maybe today, the next revolution starts in MA, once more.

Here, let me supply some motivational music:


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