In the Garden: Asparagus and Asphodel


Asparagus is a delighful annual that, once planted, will delight growers every spring for as many as thirty years. For this reason, although they take time to establish, they should be considered a must for the garden, unless the grower absolutely cannot stand the plant.

Crowns are planted in winter, and are allowed to grow unmolested for at least one year before any harvest. If growing from seed, two to three years must be borne patiently allowing the roots to establish before harvesting. Since asparagus was originally grown near the sea, many growers sow a small amount of salt into their asparagus beads, enough to prevent weeds from growing, but not to exceed the salinity the plant can handle. However, this means that the asparagus dirt is no good for growing  companion plants, such as tomatos, that keep away asparagus worms.

To keep seed, gather the red berries that grow on the female ferns, and remove seeds from inside.

Hasler as Asparagus associated with Jupiter.


Well, when thinking of Asphodel, the first thing that comes to mind is the following encounter between the good professor and the nearly-as-good Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-A-Pain-In-Voldie’s-Rear:

Ah, Cousin Draco always was such a suck-up. . .

Back the matter at hand: Asphodel. Generally, the root of the plant is what was used for food by peasants and other poor people of the countryside. The Greeks planted asphodel near graves, as it was considered the food of the dead. In Persia, the bulb was powdered and mixed with water to form a strong glue.

It grows naturally in the Mediterranean region and middle Europe, but is also cultivated for mostly ornametal purposes. It can be grown from seeds, but is often propagated by root division.

Hasler has Asphodel associated with Saturn.

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