2010 MD Senate Race

Mikulski is up for re-election this year. Personally, I like her. However, since she voted for the healthcare mess and for raising the debt ceiling, it”d be great for her to “retire”. Mdgop.net has nothing up on their site yet. However, wikipedia (I know!) had some info on the upcoming race. Thee of the contenders have websites either up or in construction according to the links there, so here are the sites for:

Eric Wargotz

Corrogan Vaughn

Jim Rutledge

I’ll try to find sites for the other contenders, and then I’ll do a compare/contrast so we can see how they line up on issues.

Here’s the official MD gov’t 2010 election page. Rutledge is the only guy with a website and on the official list. According to the PDF calendar availible there, the dealine for candidacy submission is July 6th. Once I have a chance to learn a bit more about the candidates, I’ll do a write up but, considering what I’ve seen, Rutledge is currently looking like the most serious candidate to look at. But I’ve still got a lot to find out, so. . .

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