Audio: Wargotz on Seniors Talk Radio, and Sen. Babs

Irv, a commenter over at Hillbuzz, provided this link to an interview Wargotz did for Seniors Talk Radio. I’ll admit I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ll post for y’all to listen to in the meantime. . . Wargotz’s campaign site is here.

Also, you likely heard the rumors that Babs Mikulski is soon to announce retirement. As far as this goes, don’t believe it untill she actually does so. This was a rumor at the MCGOP Open House, so it’s not surprizing– but don’t believe it until it happens. (Thanks to reader Lola LB for the link on this ^_^) She’s delaying since the rumor started chugging along, so again, who the heck knows until something happens?

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