Video: Rutledge at Montgomery County GOP Open House

So, I’ve finally had time to find the video from the Montgomery County MD GOP Open House. This is Jim Rutledge addressing speaking, and I’m postnig this so you can draw your own decisions on the matter.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I haven’t found any video from the debate this past Tuesday (I was going to go, but something else that was postponed from the snow was rescheduled for then, and I really had to go to that.) I’ll keep looking, as I can’t imagine no one recorded it. . .

I’ll also be looking for videos of the other candidates to post. ^_^

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Z. Malfoy is a practicing Catholic-with-an-"interesting"-past. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (Spec. Voice) from Loyola University New Orleans, and has since taken a few business courses to expand her knowledge base. In her free time, she studies belly-dance, alchemy, theology, and various skills related to self-sufficiency. She also enjoys reading science fiction, refreshing her French, and watching anime. She recently started with learning Krav Maga and Russian.

2 thoughts on “Video: Rutledge at Montgomery County GOP Open House

  1. Ok..but i’ve heard Wargotz speak and frankly, the Dr. makes more sense to me on the core conservative issues. His sincerity and intelligence really shines. A true conservative regarding fiscal and social issues, constitutionally grounded and a big 2nd amendment rights protector/advocate and a Patriot. More Reaganisque than the others in his principles.


  2. Fair enough. I posted some audio of Wargotz in the post after this. If you can fine more audio or video of him, please let me know so I can post them. Right now I’m just wanting to post what I can find– I’m not really “supporting” any one over any other. . .


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