MD politics brief update

Went to the meeting of AFP Maryland Montgomery County this past Tuesday evening.  There was a brief business meeting, followed by a very good talk on Climate Change Legistlation by Ben Leiberman of The Heritage Foundation.

It was nice that they very deliberately keep specifics partisan politics out of things– when a man got up to announce some upcoming MCGOP things, he was politely but firmly told that he could not do so during the meeting (due to their tax code of being “non-partisan”)– but everyone was free to meet with him after the meeting. More on that later.

Some items of interest were: On March 3rd people will be going to testify in Annapolis about the effects of the proposed budget.

We all recieved a free book from a Cuban exile named Agustin Blazquez, who co wrote a book called Covering and Discovering, about battling the Media that tries to disguise the truth. Once I read it, I’ll let you know how it is. The English part, at least, since my Spanish is Sesame Street level. I’m afriad I can’t find it on Amazon, either. If he’s at the next meeting, I’ll try to get some ordering info from him.

They are planning on having a Tax-Day (April 15) Tea Party in Rockville, this year.

Finally, as regards the MCGOP:  1) Precint Organization training will be held March 7 and March 20. The 2010 MCGOP Convention will be March 6 9am to noon (it’s free, btw). Finally, there will be a fundraise on March 18th at 6om– a dinner with Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger as speaker, which might be pretty cool. That’s $125 to get in the door, not bad for a fundraiser. . . Check out the site, as there are some other upcoming events listed.

Ben’s speech was really a good summary of a lot of what he’s written for Heritage. Some highlights:

  • Global Warming (GW) if it exists at all, falls short of a crisis, see Climategate, et al.
  • But, if it were a problem, how much would be solved by the legislation under conderation? Ans: None.
  • Is there a better way to deal with GW or other future challenged? Yes, Rights, Rule of Law, smaller gov’t.
  • 1 Green Job kills 2.2 Actual Jobs, leaving a net loss of 1.2 jobs for every Green Job “Saved or Created.”
  • The real agenda, as seen most clearly at the Copenhagen Debacle, is the Redistribution of wealth from the West to the “poorer nations”, who attended to try to get handouts.
  • The proper solution to any of these Climate problems (if, indeed, they even exist) can be seen in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, where there is a clear correlation between Economic Freedom and Environmental Protection. That is, the more economically free, the wealthier a country is, the better they care for their environment, and vise versa.

If you want more details, just read Ben’s work linked above.

Finally, re: Climate Change Bushwah, I was able to get an email copy of a paper called 13 Definitive Reasons to Question Global Warming. I haven’t finished this yet, either, but I’ll want to contact the author before posting any excerpts, as the only contact I have to put as a link at the moment is his email, and I don’t want to publish that if I don’t have too. Anyway, I hope to soon share some of the highlights from that.

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