A Roundup of *Head-smack!*

A selection for you today, of things that might make you smack your own forehead like Bart Simpson watching Homer trying to assemble a tricycle.

First, AOL News notices that celebrities don’t seem to have much interest in the Oil problems down in the Gulf. When searching for an explantation, they conjecture that they are distracted with other disasters (Haiti and, a little inexplicably at the moment, Katrina) and “well, awards season isn’t for another nine months.”

Well, that and the bigger the disaster is, the better it fits into their plans. Why is James Carville (and hell, even Chris Matthews) way more upset about this than the environmentalists who screetch when someone discovers a time capsule with a can of Aquanet? C’mon, really. I understand that neither actors, rock stars, nor politicians can, themselves, fix the spill. But the former can do like they did for Haiti and Katrina, and like the Country singers did for Nashville. The White House can allow the locals to do what they need to do to mitigate the damage. But, no, instead the Pres. plays with balls of various sizes and then goes on vacation. [ADDED: Hillbuzz is wondering if this mess will cause Carville to turn on the Dems. I think maybe. Depends on where James sees his self-interest . . .]

Kuso. Anyway, next up is this: The Imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque Doesn’t Belive in Dialogue. This isn’t any surprise to anyone who pays any attention at all, but here’s some proof for the head-in-the-sand doubters. This mosque is being planned as a sign of domination– a big middle finger to New Yorkers, Americans, and Kafir like us everywhere. Blinkered N00bs try to say otherwise, because they’re scared and cowards and maybe, actually believe that this lot is one of the (increasingly, rare seeming) Good Muslims, who really do want to help things get better. So use this the next time someone tries to call you intolerant. No, you’re not intolerant, you’re just paying the slightest bit of attention.

(PS: God Bless Walid Shoebat, author of this piece. Man knows what he’s talking about, and has been trying to warn us for quite some time. . .)

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard about that SEIU protest in Bethesda on the bank exec’s lawn, right outside a house that was mostly empty– except for terrified adolescent boy on the inside. You know, the one the DC Cops escorted the protestors to? That one. Well, the founding bloggers went to Chi-town to see what people there thought of this tactic. Interesting viewing.

That’s the round up for now. Have a good day!


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