What we can learn from England

A British lawmaker Thursday began a new attempt Thursday to reform the country’s libel laws, long criticized for what is said to be a chilling effect on journalism and free speech.Liberal Democrat Anthony Lester’s proposed bill is intended to increase the burden of proof on those who sue for libel, forcing them to show evidence they have suffered substantial harm or financial loss.

“The time is overripe for Parliament to replace our patched-up archaic law with one that gives stronger protection to freedom of speech,” said Lester, a human rights and civil liberties lawyer. “The whole idea is to strike a fairer balance between private reputation and public interest.”b


So apparently a lawmaker in England is trying to give the English more freedom, while we seem to be losing ours. Is it me, or is this just weird? Isn’t the USA the land of the free and home of the brave? But lord we can’t even keep our own secrets.


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