An 8-28 Roundup

In addition to my own little entry below, some other folk, waaaaaaaay smarter than I, have written some intersting things about 8/28, or closely related topics.

The Chicago Boyz: “I think I see what Glenn is Doing”  and “The Deeper Meaning of the CBz Beck-O-Lanche

American Thinker: “Nobody Here But us 400,000 chickens” , “The Education of Glenn Beck“,  “Restoring Honor and our Higher Selves” and “Stark Contrasts Last Saturday

Hillbuzz: “One Large Festival of Kindness”  Some Pics and some more pics.

Patheos: “Have We Squandered Our Cultural Inheritance?

If you’ve only time for one read the first of the Chicago Boyz articles. If you have a little more, read them all. There is definitely something interesting afoot!


1 thought on “An 8-28 Roundup

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