Ave Caesar!

I’m a bit at a loss for words, so I’ll let IAmDagny (a commenter at Honeytrail) speak

It is common knowledge that once the new congress is seated in January, they will move to hamstring the Obama regime by defunding various scourges such as the out-of-control EPA, ACORN and, of course, ObamaCare. Knowing this, the regime is now moving, with the help of the lame duck congress, to grant itself unconstitutional budgetary powers, namely this: As it stands now, the Congress sets the budget, with each department or program getting a specific amount of money as laid out in writing in the budget. The Obama regime is going to give itself the power to TRANSFER MONEY BETWEEN PROGRAMS at its sole discretion. So if the congress defunds ObamaCare or the EPA, Obama will now be able to simply move money from the defense budget, or the USDA, or anything else, back into the accounts of these evil, unconstitutional programs.

What this means is that the congress will now set ONLY A GROSS DOLLAR FIGURE for the budget, and Obama will have total carte blanche to allocate that money AT HIS SOLE DISCRETION.

Citation Here: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/12/03/wh-wants-transfer-authority-on-appropriations/

This is an abomination. This guts the essence of the House of Representatives, and therefore robs the entire Legislative Branch of their power– giving it directly to the Executive. When Glenn Beck was talking the other day about the transition of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, I thought he was using it as good illustration, a historical metaphor, if you will. Little did I think, it would be the actual playbook!

Listen to us, little prince! We are Americans. We have no King — save for the Maker of the Cosmos Himself– and we need no King! No King, no Emperor, no little Caesar to dictate what happens where and how!

Make no mistake, dear friends, the power of the purse is the key of all the power in DC. Laws and regulations are meaningless without the funding to enforce them. This is why the House — the body with the most members, and most likely to fight each other in the streets, dignity be damned– has this power. It is the balance again Executive demands– the Commander in Chief can order jets to bomb Yemen, but if Congress stops the funding for the bombs, very few will fall.

But, if the Single Executive has the power of the Gun and the Purse, what does he not have? If conservatives vex him, he can gut Defense spending to pay for unemployment. He can do anything he wants, at all. Did he not take an Oath, before God and the Nations, to uphold and defend The Constitution? If he has deliberately violated his Oath, what does that mean?

And at this point, people, I think we truly no longer have a Republic. Not if this happens. No Republic, no freedom, no America.

(Upside: Now we can crack corny jokes about “Back, in the Glorious Days of the Republic!” . . . no, that’s not much of an upside, is it?)


3 thoughts on “Ave Caesar!

  1. This is an alarming development that I am not hearing anything about on the lamestream media channels. Talk about buried!

    Is this proposed action in a bill or something where I can track what’s going on with it? Does anyone here know?


    • The Hotair article links to the Politico article. I’m thinking this is “journalism” at that point, so if you’d like more details, Politico may be the place to go.

      I’ll be trying to follow this as well, and will post updates when I find anything.


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