Oh for! *sigh* Really? I mean, REALLY? *UPDATED*

So, it’s one thing when paranoid nutsos like me smell something fishy. It’s another thing when the Adobe professional at Market Ticker notes some smellyness.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

Oh, C’mon!

Because what, we weren’t supposed to remember any of that stuff we learned when dealing with the likes of Dan Rather? Puh-leeze! Nowadays, when an official, important document is released, the first thing that’s done is the same thing MUFON does with UFO pics– run ’em through some basic analysis to see if anything odd shows up. Fer cryin’ out loud, there’s pics of dead aliens with more cred than this crap!

UPDATE: Via Instapundit: National Review ain’t buying the layers thing. They say it’s more plausible that between the scanner and the PDF creating software– both of which can perform Optical Character Recognition– that these layers were sort of automatically created and saved.  In the comments, someone says that they aren’t layers, that Illustrator will sometimes recognize PDF info as layers and present them as such.

Look, I dunno. I don’t have Illustrator, so I’m not familiar with it at all. However, usually, when scanning an object, it’s an object. One picture. You can turn that into a PDF– but I would think it would remain a single image. Can someone else verify that Illustrator with interpret a single layer PDF as containing multiple layers? Does this happen? How likely is it to happen?

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