Something Ain’t Quite Right

Ok, ok . . . let me first say that I believe that Osama binLadin is Dead, for realsies. He is an ex-terrorist, he is no more, he has gone to meet his maker, to wonder why his virgins are so ugly, and why it’s so goddamn hot in Paradise.

And, I admit, I’m quite pleased and happy at the notion. To every servince man and woman who was part of bringing this rabid dog down, THANK YOU! May God Bless and Smile upon you and your way.

Now to the part where I prove, once and for all, that I am a total KillJoy.

Something here ain’t right. I can’t put my finger on it. I know it’s rooted in the fact that I don’t trust this administration any more than I can throw them. Not only is there no trust, there is a lot of distrust. So yes, much bias to begin with.

My first thought, when I heard they buried him at sea was “Really? Well, I hope they got some good pics, or kept some essential parts behind for DNA purposes . . .”

Timing is questionable as always.

And my intuition is pinging me like sub on crack.

Let me explain a few things, first. Back in college, I went to school in New Orleans. I and a bunch of other out of state kids got to be good friends. We used to sit around in common areas and talk about the coming storm that would drown the city, and we all swore to each other that we’d be out of the area before it came. This was 1998-2002. The last of us left New Orleans for good three months before Katrina hit.

A little after Katrina, I started getting those feelings again, that lingering, approaching doom, ticking on me like the 24 clock. tick-thunck, tick-thunk, tick-thunk. My eyes were drawn to economic matters, and the feelings just mounted and mounted. It felt like the world was spinning out of control. I discussed this with my old college friends, many of whom felt the same thing. In Dec 2008, one called me, and I remember telling her I felt like we’d tipped off the edge, just didn’t know it yet. “It’s going to get bad out there,” I said. “It’s gonna get so much worse before it gets better. . .”

Witness the last several years economy, and various political issues, and the strain our society is experiencing.

Understand, I only recently studied economics, finance, all that. I didn’t know any of these things at the time. I was a Music major, with a love for theory and a talent for Tarot.

Interesting, that it’s these latter talents that, I believe, inform my intuition to such a degree. I have training in recognizing patterns, in stringing together signs to form larger pictures, in analyzing rhythm and harmony.

The news of Saddam’s Capture was a major chord, played by shining brass and snappy drums.

The news of Osama’s Death is a minor chord, a cadence signaling a shift of key, played by low strings and piccolo. That piccolo is trying to draw our attention, but what the hell are the cellos and basses up to? Where are the brass? The percussion?

My intuition, that warned me years in advance of Katrina and the economic collapse, is telling me that something here ain’t right.

Moreover, the other manifestation of intuition is that I get suddenly ill before major Badness happens– with no explanation. I was suddenly very sick the night of 9/10/2001. Likewise before Mumbai and Ft. Hood. Last night, at 9:30 pm EDT, I was suddenly very nauseated. I was able to forestall illness by dosing myself liberally with ginger, but there was no cause for me to be feeling this way. Nothing has been “going around”, dinner was perfectly cooked. No cause for illness.

Then I awoke to the news this morning, and my first reaction was not the jubilation I expected, but wariness.

Look, right now, I admit, this is all baseless. I just want it written, for the record. Something ain’t right.

UPDATE: Ann Barnhardt hits on my concerns re: timing:

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – May 2, AD 2011 8:23 AM MST
I’ve tried to get excited about the Bin Laden news, and tried to get pumped-up for the military and the guys who they say “took him out”, but I find myself completely unable to believe any of this. Bin Laden, like most muslims, was very inbred, and had a genetic kidney defect. He had been in a state of renal failure for years. I was working off the assumption that he had been dead for a very long time – hence no videos from him.Now, just as Obama is tanking in the polls, inflation is soaring and on the cusp of a massive acceleration, Obama commits a proven felony by releasing a proved forged birth certificate, his father’s extremely unflattering records are released, Bin Laden is suddenly “killed” on the same date that GWB did his “mission accomplished” speech, and the press conference is timed and delayed so as to completely pre-empt Donald Trump’s television show. Oh, and there are no photographs released and the body was “buried at sea” within a matter of hours.

I really want to believe that our Boys brought the awesomeness, but I’m really, really struggling with all of this. Call me cynical. I guess being lied to by Communists unceasingly for years on end will do that to a person.

Yeah. The timing is telling. And as mucians and ninjas agree– Timing is everything.


4 thoughts on “Something Ain’t Quite Right

  1. Thanks for your insights…you seem to be tuned in more than us average folk. I’ve seen many comments from friends about keeping their eyes open for more danger…not because of what we did to UBL, but just that it may be something that distracts us and keeps us off guard from something bigger.

    Hope you feel better!


  2. I agree, Z. My instincts are ringing like an alarm clock. We need to keep our heads on a swivel. God help us!


  3. Z – I read this earlier today but I was at work and could not respond. You’ve summed it up for me as well. I don’t think it’s just my natural cynicism about all things zippy either.. Thank you for linking Ann’s site too – I went there last night looking for her take on it but hadn’t gotten around to it today.


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