13 yr old girls implanted w/ Birth Control

Without the consent of their parents. Nice. Minor surgical procedures performed in the school, no parental notice or consent. No care for potential side effects or other health problems. No concern for the fact that boys will use this as an excuse to pressure girls into sex, knowing that they “can’t get pregnant”.

This is our future, it seems.


10 thoughts on “13 yr old girls implanted w/ Birth Control

  1. “He said: “Schemes like these inevitably lead to boys putting pressure on girls to have sex.

    “They can now tell their girlfriends: ‘You can get the school clinic to give you an implant, so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.'”

    Because without this it would be impossible for them to acquire contraception…


        • (Ah. Thank you for the clarification)

          It’s not so much that contraception wasn’t availible before, or lacking this practice. It’s that generally, I think, that as long as a person is a minor, parental consent is needed for any surgical procedure or prescription dosing. But, once perental consent is removed, it becomes widely assumed that every girl has this implant– and not unreasonably so.

          History shows that the people who get into public positions to “help people” are, a majority of the time, soulless busybodies who desire control over the lives of others to compensate for their own shortcomings. The very sort that, if allowed an inch, will go ahead and take a mile in the name of efficiency and “The Greater Good.” What starts with girls going to see the school nurse on their own, seems to always end up with these procedures becoming standardized and even made mandatory, all for “Public Welfare.” It doesn’t take much for these efforts to find their focus among the “less desirable populations”, as both PP Founder Margaret Sanger, and current Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg have noted.

          The minute you allow medical procedures on minors without a record of informed consent by the legal guardian, you set foot on a road that always, without fail, ends in a Very Bad Place.

          What the person in the article is saying is that once it is assumed that all girls have birth control coursing through their veins, the social costs of promiscuity drop while the physical (in terms of STDs and other infections) and mental/ emotional/ spiritual costs do not. Therefore, peers will be more even likely to pressure each other into being sexually active– as has happened over the course of the past half-century, with contraception being availible, but not even necessarily assumed to be being utlized.


          • There are many ideal ways in which sexual health can be dealt with, but ultimately we don’t live in an ideal world and have to follow a pragmatic scheme and one of the most effective is increasing access to contraception, resulting in a 22% decrease in the region this article was commenting on and the lowest rates since the 50s elsewhere in the country. At the same time,the infection rates of many STIs is also decreasing.

            It’s not a perfect system – some STIs have risen in occurance, abortions – but increasing access to contraception is one of the best out there. And your argument against this is the NHS might turn evil; or males might will assume every girl ever has it and take no responsibility for contraception themselves…it’s laughable.

            Now, there might be an issue that allowing operations to occur without parents’ consent is bad, but you offer no real arguments against that. Instead you make the rather absurd notions mentioned above.lllllllllafjhsdjnkjsadnk


            • Actually, the most pragmatic solution is a thing we sentient beings call “Self-Control.” In this specific case, keeping yourself to yourself until and unless you are ready to be a parent.

              Of course, if you wish to degrade yourself and your fellows to the level of rutting animals, there’s little I can do to stop you, but the degradation and lack of self-respect and self-control is yours.

              At least in America, the past 50 years have been noted for the following results from over-reliance on artificial contraception: “Illegitimacy: way up. In 1960, 5.3% of all births in America were to unmarried women. By 2010, it was 40.8%. In 1960 married families made up almost three-quarters of all households; but by the census of 2010 they accounted for just 48 percent of them. ”

              As for my “absurd notions”– have you ever cracked open a history book? Ever? Because that’s what my “absurd notions” are coming from– the patterns that have followed every single time things like this have happened. And upon things that are happening even now. Perhaps if you were more aware of your surroundings, you’d know what I mean. Hell, if you peeked at some of my other somewhat recent postings even previous to this one, you might see what I’m seeing.

              But I doubt you will. Your sort never do. You already know everything, and have all the answers, and I’m just a religous bigot anyway, right?


  2. I don’t think it’s the boy’s pushing girls to have sex you have worry about. What you really have to worry about is the girls pressuring each other to have sex; or pressuring themselves to do it so they can grab the boy they want by being able to do what other girls “can’t” or “won’t”.

    It takes at least two to have sex. To blame one, but not the other, is naive. Both desire it.


    • You’re quite right, and I should have written a more thorough commentary, but I was rushed. I was specifically adressing, in that comment, the old canard that proclaims that Contraception “Liberates Women from the Control of the Patriarchy!” or whatever the current version of that is. One of my personal observations is that contraception has done quite the opposite.

      But again, you have an excellent point– it also allows for situations like you describe, where girls pressure each other or themselves in pursuit of climbing the social hierarchy. Where once social currency was primarily Virtue and a Virtuous Reputation, the new currency seems to be how easily you can get people into your bed, and how often.

      In addition, the presence and commmon usage of contraception can be hurtful to men– there have been several cases that a I know of where women swore to men that they were “safe”, but were deliberatelly trying to get pregnant, so that the men would be forced to provide child support. The courts are unfairly biased toward “mothers”– so an conniving b*tch can get herself knocked up as a form of legal extortion.


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