Seismic Watch Feb 9-13

One thing I’ve been tracking are some interesting theories regarding seismic activity. There are some clever people out there making some excellent videos, showing what data they’re using, and publically making predictions and then noting results compared to the predictions. I’m going to start posting these vids as they’re interesting, and I’m starting to think that these people are on to something.

In his commentary on YouTube, he writes:

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH499). With associated solar disturbances and significant Pc3 spikes indicate a strong seismic event in the coming days. After analysis I have isolated (26-30°S Latitude). Solar symmetry to earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake are:

Kermadec Islands Region, La Rioja Argentina, Atacama Chile, San Juan Argentina or the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Time frame Feb 9-10

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH500) indicates a strong seismic event for the end of this watch period Feb 11-13. After analysis I have isolated (10-16°N Latitude). Solar symmetry to earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake are:

Nicaragua, Andoman Islands India Region, Samar-Mindoro Philippines, Gulf Of Aden or the Owen Fracture Zone.
*Possible volcanic activation (Bulusan Volcano)

Realtime Ionospheric Anomalies this week are: Fiji, Tonga, Samoa in the Pacific Islands, South West Indonesia and the Ryukyu Islands Japan.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy who predicted a sizable EQ for Feb 6th in the South Pacific. His exact location was off, but very close.

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