Another Interesting Story–F&F, Chicago, Mexican Drug Cartels

From Greta Van Susteren:

  • Feb 7 2012 – 3:24 PM ET
  • We will cover this tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm...but here is what has caught my attention.  Something is really, really, really not right…
  • The New York Times has a really bizarre story on the front page today.  I will make some remarks about the story and then there is a link at the bottom for you to read the entire story.  I don’t want to run wild with crazy conspiracy stories but there are some really peculiar parts of this New York Time story that warrants further investigation.
  • First some bullet points:
  • * Juan Jose Rojas Cardona (“Pepe” and hereinafter I will refer to him as that) lives in Mexico and is part of the casino business (known as Mexico’s casino czar) with a very shady background and record.  He is linked to violence and corruption in Mexico.   According to a State Department cable in 2009, he was suspected of orchestrating the assassination of a business rival and making illegal campaign donations to Mexican officials;
  • * Pepe is wanted in the USA for state charges in Iowa going back to the early 1990′s.  After his Iowa conviction in the early 90′s, he was sentenced to 5 years but then he jumped bail on the Iowa conviction.
  • * Pepe surfaced a bit later, while a bail jumper from Iowa, in New Mexico and got in more trouble – this time with the Feds.  He pleaded guilty in 1994 to Federal Drug charges.  While on bail for THAT plea of guilty to Federal charges, he disappeared again.  He later surfaced in Mexico (where he got into the casino business and where he was later accused of illegal campaign donations and orchestrating an assassination.)
  • THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED IN 1998 – 4 years after his plea of guilty to Federal charges.  I have never seen this happen before — Federal Prosecutors, even though Pepe had jumped bail a second time (and thus avoiding prison) and was in Mexico beyond their reach, went to a Federal Judge and convinced the Judge to quash the indictment.  Quash an indictment of a Federal felon who was on the run?  I have never seen prosecutors do that.  Why would they, after a plea of guilty to Federal charges, ask a Judge to dismiss the indictment?  Ordinarily, the prosecutors would be doing the opposite.  They would be begging the Justice Department to put pressure on the host country – here Mexico – to turn the fleeing felon over.  Something is very odd about this.
  • * Out of the blue, beginning last fall, Pepe’s brothers, who live in Chicago, became big fundraisers for President Obama – achieving what is called the ‘bundler’ status.  In total, the family gave to the President and the DNC about $200,000 in legal donations.  What is odd about this is that no one had heard of the brothers before in political circles and then just suddenly showed up and they were raising money in big, big ways. [Note that since the NYT started sniffing around about Pepe’s family’s donations, the Obama campaign has said it will return the donations.]
  • * Now here is where I may be taking this way too far and just having a wild imagination day….but, I have never been able to figure out this war in Mexico and why it gets so little attention from the Obama Administration (and perhaps the Bush Administration before.)  I know many have pointed out that President Calderone has declared war on the cartels but the problem of cartels sure does not get better….in fact, it gets worse.   Maybe the crisis is impossible to solve?  The number of deaths in Mexico from the war is huge.  The violence is unthinkable – beheadings with the heads left behind to intimidate and scare, copes and prosecutors gunned down,  innocents murdered and kidnapped etc and the violence even extending to parts of Mexico where Americans thought safe to vacation.  I am curious (and this is where my imagination begins to travel) whether Pepe is a big political donor to Calderone …and is Calderon’s administration giving him a safe haven in Mexico?  And of course I could never figure out why President Obama and President Calderone both rebuked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she said 2 years ago that Mexico is like Colombia of 20 years ago.  Why were both President Calderone and President Obama so hot under the collar about that description? Frankly, Mexico IS like Colombia of 20 years ago — maybe even worse.   In reading the foregoing, read with caution since this is only my imagination – I have no hard facts.  Facts are very different from imagination.
  • But of course the real weird part is the Federal Prosecutors getting an indictment quashed AFTER a PLEA of guilty and AFTER the guy has jumped bail and fled the country.  I have never seen prosecutors be so…well…generous?  It is weird.  This is not my imagination but my experience.   Prosecutors just don’t do this.  Something is odd..

Over at The Ulsterman Report (the guy who has interviews with the White House Insider), a commenter had this to say:

  • America the beautiful
  • Let’s consider adding up a few loose and apparently unconnected strands that may be well connected…. Or not…but — Let’s connect them:

    *the questionable donations — the Feds wanted facts on certain campaign donations to Obama via Federal Election Commission Laws that have yet to be answered for…remember Obama claimed to have had voluminous $25.00 donations yet that turned out not to be true …but totally and completely false.

    * the Chicago Rojas drug family as campaign donations Bundler and in particular bundler/donor to Obama campaign ….has Feds drop guilty plea AND receives safe haven in Mexio under Calderone while other Rohas family members remain in Chicago gearing up to bundle donations and More…

    * Where is Patrick Fitzgerald in all this.
    ..Look who appointed Fitzgerald…who else did this serve…who else was in this loop??

    *Calderone complains of guns crossing into Mexico right on cue (remember Kabuki)…he plays his part to help Obama destroy the 2nd amendment, a small favor in exchange for a laundry facility with wide open borders for “direct commerce” of drug sales into the USA

    * Fast and Furious may be so much more than a gun operation to remove 2nd amendment constitutional rights from the people…it may be that the Obama administration is laundering (for a %) the drug cartels money..Shore Bank, First California, Shore Bank International are Obama/Holder money laundering outlets –with the Rohas drug family in Chicago–close to Shore Bank

    *Consider — were our Feds so corrupted by the cash at the border and by cartels and our own Holder Justice Department, that they willingly sent guns without GPS as part of the huge cartels payoffs made it as worthwhile—- as the cops or any other officials can be bought off… is that why Fast and Furious was first known as Operation Direct Commerce (that name since scrubbed from the net). Also remember that whistler blower Agent Dodson and his complete and utter confusion as to what was happening and though told to stand down–stayed for days as a lone lookout before being threatened by his superior–only after Border Agent Terry’s death did he go to Congressional authorities– however until GOP and Daryle Issa took the house in 2010 could there be any investigation as the Dems had put a freeze on it… See Frank Miniter’s article in Forbes 12/7/2011 “Inside President Obama’s War on the Fast and Furious Whistleblowers.”

    * First California Bank is another money laundering facility so corrupt they simply send a warning shot over Feinstein’s head as they steal 5 Million dollars from her ( and it may be so much more) bank accounts.

    *Note today’s paradigm change — with Axelrod and Obama now embracing the “evil PAC’s” that last year had Obama apoplectic at the State of the Union as he bizarrely lost his composure with the Supreme Court …deriding the justices for giving rights to corporations …now able to give donations to the party of their choice ….thus destroying Obama’s leverage on campaign cash flow…. .and with Wall Street now turning their backs on Obama and refusing to bundle for him– how does he hide where all that cash is flowing from — as he no longer has the Wall Street big money screen to hide behind… Where does he now claim all that money cames from?
    Wonder who actually wrote those recent $38,500. per plate checks in New York last week? We’re those tickets prepaid and simply handed out?

    ***Makes one wonder if the Wall Street bail-outs had as much to do with certain forces knowing their “donations” were actually being supplied for them….Funny thing…Black Mail works in both directions ….hence, big bail outs and big bonus’ regardless of the pious speeches from big mouth

    * Jack Wheeler IV was not just a WMD or Chem warfare specialist…he was also a banking/Sec specialist for the US government …for many years.

    Where are all those savvy investigative reporters…someone who could put the financial/ criminal picture together… …Unfortunately there are few like Mark Pittman…
    Bob Ivy? Greta has put out a fishing line…

    * it’s not just the money, it’s not just the drugs, it’s not just the cooperation of Calderone, it’s not just the evil partnership with the drug cartels, it’s not just the US banks laundering the monies…It is the capture of our flag by seditious forces within our own government.

Another poster adds:

  • shakedown crews
  • The link that must be followed would be the link between Cardona and the Sinola drug cartel. Cardona is a Casino owner, right? Remember, the Sinaloa drug cartel is the one that was battling the Zetas. the gang that threatens the Mexican government and BURNED DOWN A CASINO. The Sinaloas are the cartel to which Holder and Obama sold weapons. Allegedly, that was part of a CIA plan to strengthen the Sinaloas to battle the Zetas, in order to create a war between those factions and weaken the Zetas. This in turn would protect President Calderon (note the correct spelling of his name, there is no silent “e”).
  • Then, you have Cardona giving money to Obama–at the same time Obama and Holder were selling arms to the Sinaloas. There’s the link, folks. There’s the logic.
  • Let me lay it out for you:
    The Zetas threaten the Mexican government. Pres. Calderon is in danger, needs help.
    The USA (CIA) comes up with a plan that is nearly identical to the plans used in Afghanistan and Iraq: arm competing forces and weaken them by allowing them to fight.
    Cardona, a casino owner, may have mafia connections to the Sinaloas–what better way to launder drug money? (same technique used by US Mafia in the past). He works to negotiate between Sinaloas, US Govt, and Mexican Govt. It’s good for his businesses, and beneficial to Mexico.
    They work out a deal to arm the Sinaloas IF they would wage war against the Zetas and not the Mexican Government.
    In return, Cardona rewards the Obama administration with “donations”–MAFIA MONEY

and then:


  • It seems that the dots are popping up here and there and are in need of being connected. I am very curious about John Boehner’s connections to any of these banks and whether Boehner received any campaign donations from these same guys mentioned in the article. I just don’t have enough spare time right now to do the research.

    How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs

Consider this a developing story.


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