Syria Being Deliberately Wound up?

OK, first off: I’m really not sure about this. But, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact, if it is true, I wouldn’t at all be surprised. I’m just not sure that this has actually caught it. But many have fingered western agitators– disciples of Ayers and et al.– for sparking the “Arab Spring” that has worked so well (/sarc) in Egypt and other places. Same with Libya– there were a ton of foreigners sparking things off.

From the poster:

Doesn’t look like any regular guerilla to me, nor your typical freedom fighter. Some have said he was ‘western looking’ but ALL Syrian nationals have been complaining about mysterious snipers randomly shooting people of all sects and religions. It is the masses themselves who’ve been demanding protection from these foreign ‘agitators’, via the Syrian Army.

I believe this video is proof of that scenario, as the original was pulled from the net entirely within hours, and then a new one was uploaded to an arabic youtube channel, with an overdub of the terms ‘Allah Uh Akbar’ over it, as if to give it Jihadist credibility, and throw us off the track of thinking we’d just seen a western intelligence agent fire a rocket launched grenade at civilians in a foreign, sovereign country.. – I believe this video depicts exactly that. Perfect destabilization.

then, in response to a commenter:

Yeah, I should have linked into the original re-upload where they have someone repeating ‘Allah uh Akbar’ in the background, which of course was NOT in the original that got pulled. I muted in this case, as Webster Tarpley always gives a good rundown of detailed geopolitics, and so I may upload the original file. They’d made it ‘private’ and half-corrupted the file too, took me all day to do this 1 min video, seriously. Someone, somewhere, hates me even more now.. Uh Oh.

. . . And yes. I also saw it coming the moment I looked at the PNAC document, and then started seeing the BBC mentioning just how ‘out of control’ the Syrian Army was. I hate the BBC so much, you can’t even begin to understand it..

Again, while I find it plausible, I’m not as sure that’s what’s seen in the vid. The man is silouetted, so his features are unclear. I’m not sure how one could peg him as specifically “Western”– Plenty of Syrians (like the Lebanese, for instance), have “Western looking” bone structures, and the “Working class men” will be found in western “working class gear” of jeans, tee-shirt, jacket, ball-cap.

What is clear, is that the man was doing a piss-poor job of sweeping the street, doing nothing but moving dirt around, if that. And he hit dirt, not even proper pavement. Not sure what he was aiming for, but aside from making a crater in dirt, I’m not sure what sort of damage he caused. Except for adding to the general ambience of chaos . . .


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