Solar-Seismic Update 2/22/12

A forecast for the current days:

Sakurajuma Volcano over the past few days:

EQ in New Madrid Fault Zone:

Some Solar updates (and other bits) from S0 (in reverse order):

Also, tangentially related–

 The rotation of Venus has slowed over the past decade by 6.5 minutes. This is an amazing amount of slowing, really notable. I don’t know that I buy the weather explanation– Venus is not a Gas giant like Jupiter (which is really just a great roiling mass of weather in space)– with Venus, the atmosphere, however thick, is still just the top layer of a solid mass of hot rock. Seems backwards, like saying that wagging a dog’s tail makes him happy. I won’t venture at this time to say what I believe the cause to be, as there’s many, and this piece does mention a more likely one– that basically, Earth is screwing about with Venus. This makes sense, that Earth would be the primary perturber of Venus. On the other hand, Earth and Venus have been dancing like this for millions of years– if Earth has always had this effect on Venus, Venus should have next to no rotation at all by this point. . .

I’ve another vid to post, but it’s gonna get it’s own post.

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