Reason to Homeschool the Chirrn, #4

Detroit teen given 4 vaccines without parent’s permission.

The point being, of course, that this was a violation of the rights of both the child and the parents. This is not about the value or dangers of vaccines. This is about people deciding on medical treatment for themselves. This is about the government deciding every little intimate detail about how you live your life. [You’d think the “My Body, My Choice” crowd would get that idea, but I guess it only counts when ending innocent life is concerned.]

While I do believe in the concept of “herd immunity”– I’ve also never had the flu shot. And only gotten the (repertory) flu twice in my life. Whereas, everyone I know who gets the shot, ends up with the illness. I’ve never known someone to get the shot, maybe be symptomatic for a couple of days after (as we are warned can happen), but then go on to have a perfectly healthy flu-season. Everyone ends up with a respertory bug of some nature, every season, except those of us who don’t get the shot. That tells me all I really need to know . . .


3 thoughts on “Reason to Homeschool the Chirrn, #4

  1. Just about every day’s news brings another reason for me to be glad my child doesn’t go to school — from the food police prowling the school cafeterias, inspecting children’s lunches to see if they measure up to Michelle Obama’s nutrition standards, to the father who was recently arrested, strip-searched, and jailed because his daughter drew a picture of a gun at school. Parents who put their kids in school are taking a terrible gamble. Maybe you’ll be lucky and nothing horrible will happen to you or your child, but why take the chance?


    • Exactly why I plan on homeschooling any future children of mine. I might trust private, Catholic school for high school. . . maybe. Depends how things are at that time. But def. homeschooling before that.


      • Good for you, Z! My three youngest were completely home schooled from day one, and it’s one of the few parenting decisions that we have never, ever regretted.


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