39th March For Life; Something Personal (Repost)


Today is the 39th annual March for Life. This takes place every year on the anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision to legalize abortion. This decision had been called “terrible” even by such pro-choice constitutional authorities as Glenn Reynolds (The Instapundit), because the issue was clearly one best decided by individual states. This decision started the trend of judicial legislating, and to my mind, became the opening salvo in the “Culture Wars”, and in many ways, created the “Religious Right.”

But beyond the legal aspects and the political repercussions, there remains the horrible fact that as much as a full third of my generation was killed before birth. One out of three of my friends, perhaps even loves, was killed before I got a chance to meet them. Yeah, I do take this personally.

I take personally the fact that my government aids and abets a genocide against the Black and Hispanic communities, as planned by the founder of Planned Parenthood, Eugenicist Margret Sanger.

ZurichMike reminds Treehouse Catholics that Our Lady of Guadalupe is Patroness of the Unborn.

I take personally the fact that our Supreme Court
“Justice” (*spit*), Ruth Bader Ginsburg, flat out admitted that: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

I take personally, as a women, the fact that women are told how safe abortion is, are told that it will “fix” their “problem”– when the truth is that abortion is a brutal procedure, a violent assault on the innermost parts of a women while she is at her most vulnerable, a procedure that leaves women not only with often severe physical wounds, but deep emotional scarring.

I take personally, as a woman, the fact that the link between abortions and breast cancer is routinely covered up and denied by our government and media, and that the Susan G. Komen fund raises money in support of Breast Cancer Research that it then gives to Planned Parenthood.

I take personally, as a woman, the idea that I cannot control my sexual urges, that choice comes only after one gets pregnant, not before. That apparently, being a woman, I’m such a whore that I cannot say “no” to anything that breathes, and therefore my “choice” is that to either kill a living human or “deal with” a pregnancy.

I take personally, as a woman, the idea that “Abortion” is liberation for women, when all it does is encourage men to use us a “things”, to use us and drop us without further thought, without commitment or sacrifice, because above all, abortion liberates men from being men, and encourages them to remain oat-sowing boys for their entire lives.

I take personally, as a woman and a human, the way abortion degrades men and fathers, the way it denies men the chance to be fathers, the way it refuses the contribution of men in creating and nurturing life. The way it denies them the chance to be the Protector of Life they were born to be.

I take personally, as a human, the idea that while rapists may not be sentenced to death, the innocent lives they create may easily be dispatched. Moreover, as a woman, I take personally the fact that rape-by-machine is preached as a “cure” to rape-by-man, and that slaughtering a helpless life within me is a solution to my existent pain, but shooting the man trying to rape me is somehow “uncivilized.”

I take all of this personally. I cannot tell you how much the deaths of my potential friends and lovers burns my soul. I resent it with a fiery passion. I do not blame the mothers who were lied to, forced and betrayed by their society and circles of support. No, my resentment focuses on the doctors who knew what was happening and lied about it. My particular loathing rests upon the women who know the truth and deliberately suppress it out of their evil impulses to promote and excuse their own boundless lust and greed. There are few creatures more worthy of scorn and derision than these “women” who have willingly whored themselves out to the most vile impulses that can take hold of a human.

Pray for those marching, today, as there have been instances of violence in the past. Pray for the unborn, for their mothers. Pray for our lawmakers. Pray for God’s Mercy upon America, that we might survive His Justice. For I have no doubt that His Justice is coming, and it is no more than our nation deserves.

Take a closer look at what Planned Parenthood was saying about abortions back in ’63 . . .[Credit to Shalini for this incredible find
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