Due to my low blogging activity in the past few months, I haven’t written much on this matter, but it is dreadfully important that every American and Mexican citizen know what has been happening here, and the horrible crimes committed by the US government against the American and Mexican people.

Nice Deb

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jaime Zapata and the scene of his ambush murder.

Read and share: Investigators discover I.C.E. Report of Investigation on seizure of Fast & Furious weapons in Texas in August 2010 SIGNED BY JAIME ZAPATA!

The Department of Homeland Security, ICE and the Department of Justice have long denied that the case of Jaime Zapata had anything to do with Fast and Furious. The discovery of this ROI by Zapata, “puts the lie to that (expletives deleted) by Napolitano and Holder,” according on source who spoke with this reporter on conditions of absolute anonymity.

Read the report at the link.

David Codrea of Gun Rights Examinerspoke to SSI’s Mike Vanderboegh about his second explosive report in a week:

“We are at a critical juncture here,” he tells Gun Rights Examiner. “You need to let your readers know that, and ask them to once again call…

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