Eye Opening

I saw enough with my own eyes. I saw the evidence that SD wasn’t interested in, until RP finally convinced him to go look for himself, only after he’d tried to convince RP that it was I who started this whole mess.

Moreover, I saw the behavior and words written since. Foul, vile things. Words I would never have imagined coming from a man I had respected and even admired. I never spoke to you because I didn’t know who else was involved, and didn’t want to pull in anyone who wasn’t involved. I didn’t want to ruin friendships, but I see that was a lost cause from the beginning.

Hell, speaking of trusting and people I called friends. . . Why is it only now I hear anything from the two of you? And only through twitter? Why were my other friends–some of them long time members of that community– summarily banned, their comments deleted, leaving me wondering where they’d gone, and not a one of you thought to send out an email mentioning, from your perspectives, what had happened and why those decisions were made? Why has no one asked me themselves why I made the decisions I made?

What decisions I made, I made based on what I saw first hand. Not the words of others. I had no interest in choosing sides. Another futile effort, as it turned out.

Go ahead and tell yourselves what a horrible person I am. Yes, I am a coward, a weakling, and worse. And I am rather clueless half the time. And it wouldn’t be the first time people have accused me of betrayal, of lacking all honor and integrity. Been there, done that, and actually do have the T shirt.

I know why I have done what I have done. I have no regrets.

And yes, I’ve turned off comments for now. Based on the screencap above, I’ve think heard enough.

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