21 June 2012, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, 6 months to DOOM!

St. Aloysius “Teh Chibi” Gonzaga, SJ

First off, shout out to my homie, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who’s feast day is today.  As a former Jesuit student, Al was someone constantly pestered for help on papers and tests. . . (“Psst! Hey Al! Can you go bug the Big Man for me, I need some inspiration for Lit. paper! Thanks!“).

Learning about the first Jesuits (“The Companions”), he sort of always came across as the mascot of the bunch. The young one with big eyes who, in a shojo anime, would be the cute Moe kid who was always secretly wanting to eat cake . . . (This should be an indication that I watch too much anime, if I can mentally compare a Saint with. . . Haninozuka-sempai . . .)

Anway! Today’s updates (I’m hoping the F&F developments will get their own post later):

Meteors . . .


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