Initial Fast And Furious Roundup

Okay, it’s late, but I was trying to get this out before I went to bed tonight. Remember, this is the “program” that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, and Americans, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. In a more honest world, it would have been considered an act of war, and Holder would have been on trial at least a year ago. Myself, I’d even have tossed treason charges in as well. This thing was an abomination, they knew it, and with the help of the corrupted media, they have been covering it up as much as they could.Anyway, on with the linkage, starting with some “older” stuff for some context. . .

DOJ fails to turn over documents promised to Issa’s Committee.

Holder Asks for Executive Privilege on Docs, Gets It even though Obama was against it just a few years ago.

Heritage Foundation on Executive Privilege

Ed Morrissey wonders if the EP claim will work for Obama. He doesn’t think so. I hope Ed is right.

Even the WaPo is unsure about this EP move. . .

A Reminder that F&F is not the same thing as Wide Receiver.

House committee votes to hold Holder in Contempt.

Nice Deb’s roundup of the best meeting videos. And her commentary on the vote. Oh, and, H/T to Nice Deb, love this!

Glenn Beck: “ . . .you know, people say, ‘You can’t put the president of the United States in prison.’ Oh, I think that’s the best place for him.

Rubio calls on Holder to resign, joining Mitt Romney and 5 other Senators.

Pelosi stretches the limits of the mind. Maybe she had some of Trayvon’s sizzurp or somethin’ . . .

Horrible: Jay Carney, WH Press Sec., forgets Brian Terry’s name. So bad that even the press pool openly laughs at him.

IBD weighs in.

I’ll update this post in the next day or two. I gotta get to bed!