Day Trip into Crazy Town

So . . . this one thing has been bugging me. Only recently, in the past few hours, has it seemed that anyone else has noticed this. And it’s kinda retarded that this is, for me, the start to my thoughts (thus the title of this post). . . but here it is:

This guy in CO who shot up the movie theater, proclaimed himself to be “The Joker” . . . but had painted his hair red.

Yes, for a short time, Cesar Romero’s Joker on the old TV show had red hair. But the standard is green. Romero, Nickleson, Ledger, cartoons . . .
If you’re a nutter, and you want to be “the Joker”– you don’t pull the obscure, few episodes of the “Funny version” . . . you pull the version that the most people will recognize. Green hair. And the retarded broadcasters relaying the info were saying stupid things like ” Blah blah, painted his hair red like the Joker . . .” And not a one (until just a few hours ago) turned to a co-anchor and said “Dude, I thought the Joker had green hair. . . ”

So yeah, retarded on the face of it. The sort of thing a geek, er, geeks out over. But enough to make me start thinking.

This guy was also unemployed, a med school drop out. No job. Living on his own. And in the space of a few months, he legally acquires an AR-15 ($1,000.00), a Remington 12 Ga. shotgun (anywhere from $1,400), and 2 ~.40 cal pistols (around $500 ea). Total minimum for weaponry (not including ammo) = $2,900.00.

He apparently recently purchased 6000 rounds of ammo off the internet. If we assume ~2000 for each type of firearm, that’s ~$689 for the AR-15 ammo, ~$2,750 for the shotgun (~$30 / 25 round box), and ~$1,450 for the pistols. Of course, it may not have been divided up this way, but I’ve generally low-balled from the prices I found of what I think he might have considered using. So that’s just under $5,000 for ammo alone. With the weapons and various fees and taxes, that a current total of around $7,900.00 (at least)

Then, you had the tactical gear. Gas Mask ($20 on ebay), body armor, neck protection, groin protection , leg protection. We’ll say $500 for the lot, not knowing the level of protection offered (as low as $150, up to about $800. . .). We’re now at 9,400.00.

Then you have the canisters of gas. this itself is troubling, because of this:

He tossed one canister. But more than one was used. But let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that he made them. Without going into what he might have used, I’d say roughly $50 materials if he didn’t go too exotic. (which he might have done, as what he used was not “readily identifiable” last night. But let’s assume he started with old fashioned hot peppers.) $9,450.00

Ah, but! His apartment, too, was rigged out. We still don’t know what all he did to the apartment (or why, after his casual surrender to authorities, he told the cops about the traps), but based on initial reports, I’d throw out a ballpark figure of $1,500 for the traps– I’m including the practice devices used to test set-ups and combinations, a few failures, tools used to create/ mix/ test, and basically set up the mini-lab (and who knows how much time carefully laying everything out just so. Reports are that the set up was extremely sophisticated.). I’ve no solid numbers for this estimate, but right now, I’d say that $1,500 is the low end for this item. So. . . $10,950.00. But seeing as I’ve done my pricing by finding the lowest price of what I think he might have used, and don’t know all what he paid in taxes, shipping fees . . .I don’t think I’d be out of line to round up to an even $11,000.00

Spent by a guy with no job.

I don’t know the details of his purchases, but everything was done legally, which means background checks that include credit checks (debt is a major motive in crime). If his credit came up clean every time, it means that his joblessness hadn’t started to impact him the way it would for most people living on their own. It is possible that he bought all this on credit. . . but unlikely. If you’re a nutter intent on massacre, the last thing you want to do is tip off the authorities, and you’ll generally be paranoid enough to figure that they will “ping” your card if you use it on “suspicious” items too much too quickly. So you’ll use cash.

That cash came from somewhere, but he didn’t steal it. His record is, aside from a speeding ticket, pretty clean. Almost boy-scout-level clean. But somehow, a guy with no job and (if he dropped out of school), no school-money, not only keeps living on his own (instead of moving back in with the parents in San Diego)– he goes and spends $11,500.00 in addition to rent, food, bills, and everything else he needs to do to keep up the pretense that there is nothing unusual or suspicious going on.

So, maybe the parents helped out with bills and rent. Because that’s what parents do. But around $11,000 in two months is a little extreme. Some may have come from cash advances from credit cards– but an amount that high would generally set off some sort of flag with the credit card company. Even if one card was for ammo, another card for a cash advance for the rest . . . I dunno . .. if I were a paranoid nutter, I’d assume that would trigger all sorts of red flags. I’d be pushing it just getting all that ammo with the credit card. (I’m assuming he’s paranoid due to the rigging of his apartment. That’s insane-ninja-level paranoia . . .) And I’m not the only person contemplating this.

I’m sure there are “Perfectly reasonable” ways that this hellish little jaunt was financed. And maybe on Monday, some poor loan officer at a bank will come forward with signed papers saying he thought the kid was buying a car. It might even be true. But that’s when I go back to the witnesses above– the canister of gas that came from somewhere else, from an entirely different direction. And then . . . (and dammit, I hate these thoughts, because it’s the same road Alex Jones is taking, and I don’t want to go down that road, and I don’t want to be one of those people, because conspiracy theories are for losers but Fast & Furious changed everything . . . )

And then . . . you have that same damnable timing. Hillary is going to sign that UN Small Arms Treaty (Illegaly, but you can’t count on the LEOs or military to realize that). And like so many times when gun control legislation is up and they’re shy just a few votes, bam! some nutcase takes out a crowd with a gun. It’s all so very convenient, isn’t it?

I hate to do this, but here’s Mr. Jones with his grating voice echoing the very thoughts that troubled me yesterday:

So. So, let’s just put that down. We’ll put it right next to the zombie attacks on one side, and this on the other:

oh and, my friend Grunt posted this today, which . . .watch it through, you’ll catch the tie-in:

Golly, it’s like the plot of The Music Man. Come in, create an imaginary crisis, sell the solution to the imaginary crisis just in time to save town!

. . . So,  dunno. But the reports I started hearing and reading didn’t seem right, and all of this is partly why . .

NOTE: I noticed re-reading this some erroneous math but, also found some more info with more detail online that ended up almost negating my odd mistake. Still, some details and numbers have been changed from my initial draft.

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About zmalfoy

Z. Malfoy is a practicing Catholic-with-an-"interesting"-past. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (Spec. Voice) from Loyola University New Orleans, and has since taken a few business courses to expand her knowledge base. In her free time, she studies belly-dance, alchemy, theology, and various skills related to self-sufficiency. She also enjoys reading science fiction, refreshing her French, and watching anime. She recently started with learning Krav Maga and Russian.

20 thoughts on “Day Trip into Crazy Town

  1. Aloha Z!
    Its funny you post this and I am glad you did. I was thinking along the same lines concerning this shooting and everything else that has been going on. I agree that it does sound a little “conspiracy theory”-like, but we are realizing that in this day and age here in America, conspiracy theories are turning out to ring true. Just look at Obama and how he has run this nation… into the ground! Why? To push the Socialist/1WO movement. Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracies! I must be a loser. Then again, Soros and gang(progressive socialists) are proving me right dangit!


    • I see we share the same sentiments. My major objection to the less-retarded 9/11 Truther conspiracies was 1) That’s a lot of lying being done by a lot of people and 2) The US gov’t wouldn’t do such a thing. People who thought otherwise were losers, unpatriotic idiots living in their momma’s basement. But Fast & Furious totally decimated that second argument. (I still hold to the first argument, of too many people being involved).

      But for smaller things . . . like this . . . Once you establish that the US government can and has done such things . . . well, it changes everything, for everyone that’s paying attention . . .


      • I agrees with everything you just replied to me with.
        With #1, some people may have known what was to happen and looked the other way, but I share the same belief – “That’s a lot of lying being done by a lot of people”


    • Heh. I know the feeling. And I’m starting to see some comments elsewhere along the same lines. This was a lot of dough to shell out in a short amount of time. I want to stress that there are non-conspiratorial ways of getting this cash. . . but they are increasingly complicated, and I always looks for the simplest route. And once we establish F&F . . . the simplest explanation is no longer what it used to be. It’s no longer “He paid for this by splitting purchases and using 7 different methods of payment”– it is now “Someone paid for him to further the work of F&F”

      And I am really tetched that my world-view has shifted far enough that this is the run of my logic . . .


      • I know, right? But the flip side is… why so easy to figure out? What is the real motive here? again, arrrgggghhhhh … I don’t enjoy trying to think like a crazy person. And I hate the fact that there has not been one moment of peace since the election in 2008. I want normalcy. I miss it.


        • Not to be overly cynical or pessimistic, but I think our idea of “normalcy” is sleeping. I don’t think things have been properly normal for 100 years.

          As for the ease of figuring it out? I think because it’s the same story, and for so long, our media-induced amnesia kept us from remembering the details of one even to the next, while those who did keep track of the details were successfully marginalized as “Conspiracy theorists”. But now, more of us are improving our memories, and we’re reminding each other, and pooling our knowledge. . . and, again, F&F changes everything. If you know about F&F, the primary counter-argument of “The government wouldn’t go that far!” is voided. But, it’s only voided if you know about F&F.

          For you and I, we “Figure this out easily.” But I guarantee you, come Monday, there will be “respected conservative voices” calling us ridiculous. Bloggers and media. and politicians.

          But we figure this, because it’s always the same story, in every country, in every age, since the serpent first convinced Eve and Adam that their “inferiority to God” was a problem that needed fixing and oh look! Magic fruit!

          Right now, if you go to YouTube, you can find a lot of people fretting about a False Flag attack during the London Olympics, specifically during the opening ceremony. Sadly, a lot of these videos degrade into Israel-bashing (Thus why I haven’t posted them here), but otherwise, there are people who think they have discovered patterns and who are claiming that the patterns are repeating, this time with London 2012 as the focus. I don’t know about this . . . . I’m not entirely convinced. Not enough to post it in the main blog. But . . . frankly, this was not entirely unexpected, and some believe that there is worse still to come. . . .


          • funny you should mention the Olympics… I was just reading an article about the various worries, and thinking that you could not pay me to get anywhere near the venue.
            I guess for me, normalcy would include being able to make long term plans without wondering what fresh hell will perhaps interrupt them or derail them altogether. It’s sad to realize how low the bar is these days.
            Pray without ceasing. 🙂


          • A lot of times we have an insight to something that the regular public does not see. We usually keep it to ourselves so as to not draw attention from the “unpatriotic idiots…” thinking we’re like them. Nay. We are not like them. We are intelligent people who patiently study with an open mind drawing our conclusions from facts… or what we perceive as facts at that time. We do not bury our heads in the sand. We are patriotic people who will fight for what we believe in – the rights and beliefs that our nation was founded on. We stand for God, family, and country.
            As for the “respected conservative voices”, they must realize that we basically stand for the same things they stand for. We are just seeing the big picture here in the way our country is going and are going about the solution in a way that is going to work. Not talking the situation to death and diplomacy. They’ve been doing that for years and nothing is being done. The good o’l respected conservatives voices are also playing the political game. They can’t afford to do or say “crazy conspiracy” stuff. And. In order for them to look good and stay in the political game, they find that they have to distance themselves from us, even when we speak the truth. That is why we want new faces who will stand for truth – not being selfish and calling it for what it is. Truth has no agenda except that of itself.


  2. I don’t think this is crazy at all in light of F&F and the coming U.N. Gun Bans. Additionally, this is exactly the kind of guy who might be targeted, and tempted, for and by such a plan. Look at U.S. geniuses targeted by the Soviet Union to be spies by feeding their narcissism. Hanssen comes to mind. The only thing that gives me caution is the fact that this guy was not obviously set up to be cast as a Tea Partier or political conservative. It seems to me that the smear aspect was not a part of this, and that leaves a big hole in the theory. Not a fatal hole, but a hole all the same.


    • But he doesn’t need to be set up as a member of any particular party ( despite some despicable attempts by retarded journalists). All that is needed is to get people to connect gun ownership with massacres. Get those last two senators to vote to ratify the treaty, no matter the legality of said document. From there, disarm the civilian populace, having convinced the local LEOs and military that such disarmament is the right thing to do, and that those resisting would only resist if they wanted to do bad things. . .

      Here’s a good article mentioning the targeting of “geniuses”:

      Consider what is written in that article– that our current educational system is set up to create such people. I can believe this, easily. I’m still not finished overcoming the brainwashing and programming that I got no matter what school I was in (public or even private and Catholic. The latter was less intense, and gave me many of the tools I’ve needed to break the programming. . . but I was still exposed to it) . That I received from the TV every moment it was on. I would say that the programming is designed to cause a psychotic break when the student leaves school and is confronted with the real world. Their carefully constructed reality crashes upon the harsh shores of reality, and that breaks a large percentage people. Leaves them vulnerable to more programming. This is not something confined to dark, secret prisons and programs– this happens every day to everyone around us. Looking back, I know of many, many people that I saw suffer these breaks, leaving them open to even deeper programming from those who came to “Help” them. Heck, I broke at one point– but I was lucky that it was my mother and, more importantly, my father who were there when it happened, so it was my father’s influence that covered me at that point. If I hadn’t been living with them at the time . . .I would never have made it back to reality. I would probably have ended up with all those near-zombies at all the OWS things. Didn’t even know why they were there. Didn’t know what they were protesting.

      As far as this guy was concerned, being in a neuro-science degree would be excellent cover for more extreme programming than usual. Same with programs in psychology. The more “open-minded” a person is, the more susceptible to this programming they are. In the brain and mental sciences . . . it’s easy to convince a kid to volunteer to take part in a study of this or that, in return for some moderate compensation. . . and from there, anything is possible. . .


      • Absolutely, Zoph. Good article from Seraphic, BTW. And I admit that the fact that the POS, this time, was listed on as “middle of the road” politically and “agnostic” religiously, might just indicate the genius of those who, allegedly, recruited him. It would be tempting, but stupid, to try to make such a scheme into an obvious smear campaign. If the purpose was just to drum up support for the U.N. resolution, it would have been foolish, as you say, to pile on with additional things that could backfire. So, I guess I have no further arguments for you!


      • “But he doesn’t need to be set up as a member of any particular party ( despite some despicable attempts by retarded journalists). All that is needed is to get people to connect gun ownership with massacres. Get those last two senators to vote to ratify the treaty, no matter the legality of said document. From there, disarm the civilian populace, having convinced the local LEOs and military that such disarmament is the right thing to do, and that those resisting would only resist if they wanted to do bad things. .” – Imho, you hit the nail on the head!


      • I agree with the comment about the programming and the break when kids leave school and face reality. I remember that I saw two things happen. One was the preparation for the next step of marriage and children. It kind of surprises me how many people the same age have children that are the exact same age. As in they got married and started having kids within a year of two of others that graduated from high school or college the same years. The other was some type of depression or other mental health issue becoming evident.


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