Like Dean, I cannot verify the truth of this. However, every bit rings true. If I told you how I know that at least one part of it is true, I would be laughed off the internet. But I know that one part of this is absolutely true, and that alone inclines me heavily to believe the rest.

The D.C. Clothesline

Note from publisher: We have no way to fact check any of this. It is being passed freely over the internet and was emailed to me by a reader. Read this and make your own educated decisions. I know, I carry one secret with me til my death because if I let known what I know about a certain situation that happened in the 1990s, I would probably be dealt with in a very harsh way. Please just read this as an opinion piece. I would understand anyone’s need to hide their identity in this situation, but that does not make it real. The below is a quote, no changes have been made in regard to grammar, spelling, or anything at all.-Dean

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Z. Malfoy is a practicing Catholic-with-an-"interesting"-past. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (Spec. Voice) from Loyola University New Orleans, and has since taken a few business courses to expand her knowledge base. In her free time, she studies belly-dance, alchemy, theology, and various skills related to self-sufficiency. She also enjoys reading science fiction, refreshing her French, and watching anime. She recently started with learning Krav Maga and Russian.

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