Iron Butterflies (or, Varying Perspectives on the word “Senbonzakura”)

Back at the beginning of the summer of 2017, I read Ivan Throne’s The Nine Laws. Several days after I completed reading it, I posted the following review to Amazon.

9 Laws Review

I would call your attention to the second paragraph, where I list books from my library. Naturally, I recommend all the books listed there, but for those with some knowledge already of either Mr. Throne and/ or dear St. Therese, there might be a bit of puzzlement. You note that I mention they are stunning juxtapositions, and that were I a teacher, I would recommend reading both and then reconciling the two. Perhaps, you might yourself wonder, “But Z, how do you reconcile these two? They are as different from each other as night and day!”

Exactly. Yet both night and day are the same sky, the same depths of space around our little planet, each every bit as real and true as the other. Let’s step back a bit, rewind a bit for context.

In the Beginning, was the Word (or Kether, or Taiji), which resounded into the Void. This resonance was then here and there (Heaven and Earth, or Binah-Chokmah, or In-yo). Every metaphysical philosophy that survives for more than generation places Polarity right there at the beginning: (+) / (-),  1/0, Yes/ No, Male/ Female, Order/ Chaos, Outward/ Inward, Light/ Dark. From this primal polar duality, came all interactions that followed: the Tree of Life, The Elements, all the little bytes that together are the sum of Creation.

[This is, of course, why I am so taken with the Electric Universe theories– because they fit right in with all that metaphysicians have always insisted. Polarity, magnetism, the flow of energy from pole to pole, the dance of the poles at all levels. Good stuff. Anyway, moving on. . .]

So, if we want to have an accurate view of Reality, of That Which IS, then we must see with both eyes, the Eye of (+) and the Eye of (-). Only with both eyes open, do we have a chance of perceiving the Depths.

St Therese’s Story of a Soul is the most thoroughly (-) book I have ever read [Do not read (-) as “negative-bad”, but rather as “inward”, “yin/ in”, or as “negative polarity”]. The Little Way is, if properly understood, a revolutionary strategy in spiritual warfare. Consider: For various natural and understandable reasons, spiritual warfare and battle is often seen as Michael getting into it with Satan, or Raphael with Asmodeus, or Mary with the Serpent. We read of the great deeds of the prophets and saints, the Martyrs, great men and women who endured great suffering, or were great reformers, or great this or that. But how many of us are great? How many of us can be Great? We have mortgages, children, boring, tedious jobs, and though we volunteer with our church, we make no great ripples. How can we score great blows for Christ when we are, well, us?

This is where the Little Way comes in. St. Therese says, you need not do great things, merely small things with great love. One needn’t renounce the world to sacrifice, merely one’s hubris. The Little Way shows that Love manifests as sacrifice, so we sacrifice for those we love. We wash the dishes for Mom, we care for our aging Dad, our infirm neighbor. We reach out to our brother or sister who struggles. We say “I cannot save everyone, maybe I cannot even save you, but I can at least hold your hand and help steady your step.” Every moment of every day is a chance to find some small sacrifice, some manifestation of Love.

You may nod at this point and say, “Well, that’s very nice and all, but how is that revolutionary?” Good question. Think of it like this: Every time we allow these small manifestations of Love, the small, constant sacrifices, it’s like a butterfly, flapping its wings. Flit-flit. Flit-flit. And what do the beating of so many butterfly wings create?

Hurricanes. The Little Way is Chaos Theory Spirituality. Flit-flit BOOM!

It’s probably a good thing we little butterflies never see our storms, because it helps us avoid hubris. The ignorance (while living within Time) helps us keep our equilibrium on the narrow path of Virtue. In terms of Spiritual Warfare, it is, for Evil, for Satan, Death by a Thousand Cuts. Each little sacrifice for Love is not a nuke, or a JDAM, or a grenade, but a slender bo shuriken to the face, or a caltrop in the foot. It is tiny, crowd-sourced spiritual warfare. The kind that every child, housewife, farmer, or office drone can take part in. Everyone can then get in the fight, millions upon millions of butterflies beating their wings in time. Millions upon Millions of Ninjas of the Lord raining down caltrops, kunai, and shuriken against Satan every moment of everyday, while those few called to bigger acts still lob their bombs and missiles. A million tiny stars shining together into the darkness.

Do you understand?

Now, compare that to what I wrote about Mr. Throne’s book in the third paragraph of my review above. The Nine Laws is about our fallen, physical world, the unpleasant truths about how the currents and storms of this world manifest, and how to make your way through them. If The Nine Laws is “How to Keep the Ship of Self Afloat and Going”, then The Story of A Soul is “How to Smuggle Our Lord into Enemy Territory in a Fully Armed Galleon While Looking Like a Little Fishing Vessel.”

The first is an amoral operations manual, full of knowledge that once was commonly known. In the past decades, however, many of us been living in luxurious fantasies about reality and the nature of Nature. You cannot help your brother, your family, your neighbor, if the currents of the world keep dragging you under. You cannot choose to Sacrifice for Love if you are not able to Freely Choose. Therefore, the knowledge in The Nine Laws is the essential foundation for anything else one would pursue, be it wealth, power, or Heaven itself.

The Nine Laws has both (+) and (-) elements but I would say that overall, is a very (+) book, because it is very concerned with the nature of the World Around Us, the outward, the Yo. It is Super Masculine, in much the same way that the Story of A Soul is Super Feminine. Together, with the (-) of Story of A Soul, one can start to dimly perceive the Profound Depths of Creation. Both are True, both are Real.

You must see with both eyes.

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