09 April 2014 News

Here’s a good way to take advantage of our overload of lawyers. Sue the schools that abuse our children.

If there is only one thing you read today, read about these amazing, heart wrenching efforts to save children from sex slavery rings.

[While we’re on the subject, let me just note that I hate the term “Human trafficking”. Even if it’s technically correct, it seems to me to be a politically correct softening  of the term “Slavery”. That’s what this is, plain as day. We should name it with the ugliest terms we have. We should be absolutely clear what we’re talking about. This is slavery. The people who do it are slavers. Those who support it in any way are supporting the slave trade.]

LuciMy favorite actor of Lucifer calls out Obamacare over its attack on freedom of conscience. Turns out, he’s a bit of a libertarian. Who knew?

Also inappropriate: Strippers at nursing homes. Really? Ugh. Like Mrs. Scalia, I’m not comfortable with strippers in general as it is, for pretty much the reasons  she notes. How crass and insensitive do you have to be to call them into a nursing home?

This is gonna make my job even more tedious. Let’s just add more red tape. That’ll help women. . .



Praying for World Bees

A fabulous article from Busted Halo: On Not Praying for World Peace

This pretty much sums up how I feel everytime someone, wanting to seem good and deep, prays for World Peace, instead of something more useful like “And end to useless hostility.” Which is not quite the same thing. . .^_^

Father Knows Best ^_^

Father Jonathon Morris on FOX’s RedEye. Father Jon is really great– I’ve seen him on FOX before, as their sorta “Catholic Go-to Guy”, and he’s great.

Let’s be honest, it takes a bit of courage for a man of the cloth to go onto as show like RedEye known for it’s occasionally ribald humor, where any person may end up conversing with robots (as the good Father does, in fact, do). I love that he’s willing to show his own humor– this is a sort of ministry and outreach I think many Catholics overlook, to everyone’s loss.

Go Father Jon!

[Edited to include the following HatTip to. . . BigHollywood. Can’t believe I forgot to put that in . . .]