The Hypocrisy of Modern Gaia Worship

One thing I’ve never understood about the current environmental movement is their insistance that humans are part of nature, but at the same time, we’re not. To the modern Evironmentalist, Humans are Animals, yes. But, we exist to another standard than every animal that has gone before.

Evironmentalists like Van Jones want Mother Earth to have Rights, many maintain that she is an organism on a grand scale, and even has some sentience and awareness. But, then, on the other hand, they fail to ignore some key communiques from Her Bigness . . .

Many people in this cult seem to be of the belief that the ecosystems of the world “Exist in a delicate balance.” This is pure and utter horsesh!t– if things in nature were balanced, we’d all be single celled blobs living in the ocean. The very nature of Earth is imbalance– from tides, tectonic shifts, the weather. . . to the greatest arms race on the planet, Evolution. Imbalance drives life, it drives everything in this planet. (Unless, like me, you believe in God, in which case it is He that is the Prime Mover who shifts and tips and weighs along the way.)

Species have been going extinct for millions of years. We’ve had absolutely nothing to do with most of them. Nature herself has killed off most of her own creations (again, speaking from the Gaiaist POV, not the Christian). If, as the Gaiaists posit, we humans are simply another animal that evolved out of the muck, then we are just as sumbject to her whims, caprices, and planning as every other creature. We are part of that “balace.”

If Gaia is sentient, is it not possible that, instead of being her enemy as the Gaiaists say, we are in fact her arms? Her hands? If a small species only exists in a place that is necessary to use for human society, is it not part of the Evolutionary Arms Race to do as it seems Gaia desires, and rid the planet of the species? Everyone in this cult assumes that Stasis is Her desire, but all indications are that Gaia likes movement, change. New things come, other things go. The Dinosaurs got old, so they were blasted away. The Mammoths were troublesome, so they were melted and hunted down. This bird over there was a pest, to the fleas took care of it. . . that little mammal was a problem, so a convenient lightning strike burned down their forest.

If we are Gaia’s creatures, and if another species exists in the place of our activity as a species, are we not to do the same thing that every other species on the planet does, and just go ahead and do our thing? If this causes the extinction of an owl, fish, or lizard. . . one that doesn’t exist in a lot of places and seems deliberately placed in our way . . . oughtn’t we heed the apparent wish of Gaia and roast the buggers?

Likewise, if we do our thing, and the creatures adapt (like crows and coyotes),  is this not a sign that Gaia favors those creatures? The Ceolocanth clearly is a favorite of hers. . .

I just want to get these beliefs straight. Either we humans are animals subject to Gaia’s Desires, or we are not.

UPDATE: Here’s the overview of a recent meeting on the matter.

A Roundup of *Head-smack!*

A selection for you today, of things that might make you smack your own forehead like Bart Simpson watching Homer trying to assemble a tricycle.

First, AOL News notices that celebrities don’t seem to have much interest in the Oil problems down in the Gulf. When searching for an explantation, they conjecture that they are distracted with other disasters (Haiti and, a little inexplicably at the moment, Katrina) and “well, awards season isn’t for another nine months.”

Well, that and the bigger the disaster is, the better it fits into their plans. Why is James Carville (and hell, even Chris Matthews) way more upset about this than the environmentalists who screetch when someone discovers a time capsule with a can of Aquanet? C’mon, really. I understand that neither actors, rock stars, nor politicians can, themselves, fix the spill. But the former can do like they did for Haiti and Katrina, and like the Country singers did for Nashville. The White House can allow the locals to do what they need to do to mitigate the damage. But, no, instead the Pres. plays with balls of various sizes and then goes on vacation. [ADDED: Hillbuzz is wondering if this mess will cause Carville to turn on the Dems. I think maybe. Depends on where James sees his self-interest . . .]

Kuso. Anyway, next up is this: The Imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque Doesn’t Belive in Dialogue. This isn’t any surprise to anyone who pays any attention at all, but here’s some proof for the head-in-the-sand doubters. This mosque is being planned as a sign of domination– a big middle finger to New Yorkers, Americans, and Kafir like us everywhere. Blinkered N00bs try to say otherwise, because they’re scared and cowards and maybe, actually believe that this lot is one of the (increasingly, rare seeming) Good Muslims, who really do want to help things get better. So use this the next time someone tries to call you intolerant. No, you’re not intolerant, you’re just paying the slightest bit of attention.

(PS: God Bless Walid Shoebat, author of this piece. Man knows what he’s talking about, and has been trying to warn us for quite some time. . .)

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard about that SEIU protest in Bethesda on the bank exec’s lawn, right outside a house that was mostly empty– except for terrified adolescent boy on the inside. You know, the one the DC Cops escorted the protestors to? That one. Well, the founding bloggers went to Chi-town to see what people there thought of this tactic. Interesting viewing.

That’s the round up for now. Have a good day!

The Doomsday Clock is Obviously Broken

Or in need of new batteries. Via Hotair’s Headlines: “Doomsday Clock” moves one minue further away from midnight.

Ever since I grew up a bit, I’ve believed that the “Doomsday Clock” was a little retarded. A stupid little schtick dressed up as something that, in a comic book, would be utterly cool and awesome.

The problem is two fold: Primarily, we all know that “No man knows the hour.” Not even the Son, only the Father, and it’ll sneak up on us like a “thief in the night.” So making a “clock” that tells that time is pretty damned useless.

Second, it’s run by humans, muggles no less. Humans are flawed, stupid creatures who are constantly suprised at “unexpected” low retail sales in December when anyone with half a brain cell could have called that. How in the heck can they imagine to predict world innihilation when they’re so blinded by ideologies that they can’t even see their own feet?!

Seriously, they moved this back a minute due to a sunnier outlook on Nuclear and Climate Change issues, which is so retarded it makes the Star Wars Christmas Special look pretty smart.

Well, maybe I’ll grant them Climate Change, since it was never a problem to begin with, so they shouldn’t have factored it in to begin with. But Nuclear? Have they heard of a Country named Iran? Have they heard they want to turn Israel into glass, and that Israel has vowed to take Iran with them should they be attacked? Which of course blows up the middle east, which then spreads. . .

Dumb, dumb, dumb. This is why muggles should stick to muggle affairs, and stop trying to practice divination, which is difficult and rare even among us non-muggles. I mean, Trelawney was no exception, you know. Cassandra was.

Nature is a Big Girl, Y’all. . .

And, of course, there’s this: Top UN Climate mook talks about 30 years of Global Cooling!!!one!!

Look, the point isn’t that the scientist is all “Oh, cooling is just part of the larger warming-ish pattern lalala. . .”

The point is we were promised bikini weather for winter this year. We were promised. The (faked data) “models” never said a damn thing about 30 years ice age first.

People want it both ways. No matter what happens, it’s evidence of Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change. Nevermind that most other people call it “The Weather”.  Never mind that the people who did predict the record cold this year were those who looked at the Sunspot data. Oh, yeah, that big burning ball of fire in the sky has a lot to do with the weather. . . go fig. . .

I remember when I was a little girl, seeing the cover of Time magazine. There was a Wooly Mammoth charging out of the picture, the headline warning of “The Coming Ice Age”. *rolls eyes*

How’s about this for an idea: Give a little respect for Nature, you disrespectful wimps! She’s a big girl with kick-ass volcanos and stuff that pollutes far more than we do, and can kick our scrawny butts anytime at all. Note: Kiliminjaro, and Katrina. Oh, yeah, the Indonesian Tsunami coupla years ago. Seriously, she’s a tough ol’ gal, and all this hyperventilating is rather insulting to her.