11 April 2014 News



First off, a correction:Yesterday’s link regarding the slaughter of Christians might be a fake. Sorry, just learned about that. However, here’s a link to something real, from one of the most credible people on the planet.


Related: Brandeis disgraces itself with its treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Kinda related: Is it me, or is Walid Shoebat starting to lean a bit Catholic? Look a this blog, and find the entries written by Walid Shoebat. . .

Capitol Hill Doings:

Lois Lerner Found in Contempt of Congress. Well, du~uh, and long past time for it tooDeansmile. Not that it’ll do much, but I appreciate the gesture. Although, I gotta say, everytime Trey Gowdy opens his mouth, I swoon like a teenaged girl meeting Jensen Ackles. ..

Sebelius resigns. She was given a crap job and no support, did the best she could with a turd sammich, tried to polish it nice for her d-bag boss. . . Truth be told, I ain’t gonna miss her, but I do have a bit of repect for the terrible position she was in.

The Bundy Ranch Seige

Attack Dogs and Tasers

Calling on the Sheriff to Arrest the Federales

The Next Waco (or Ruby Ridge, for that matter)

Bundy Ranch Blog (this goes right to the donation page)

There is word that the Militias are startign to arrive in numbers, now. I’ll try to post when I have something more solid.

Other updates:


28 June 2012, St. Irenaeus of Lyons

Big News Day. See below for some SCOTUS and Colorado Fire coverage.

Let’s get to the rest:

The House votes 255-67 to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Ace writes that since 17 Dems voted for contempt, that means it’s a bipartisan move. And:“The Democrats staged a walk out. From WI and IN to the House of Representatives, when Democrats don’t get their way they walk away like spoiled little brats.”

UPDATE: Missed this earlier– Fulton Sheen declared “Venerable”. Heck to the yeah, man! Next step, Beatification!

Syria Being Deliberately Wound up?

OK, first off: I’m really not sure about this. But, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact, if it is true, I wouldn’t at all be surprised. I’m just not sure that this has actually caught it. But many have fingered western agitators– disciples of Ayers and et al.– for sparking the “Arab Spring” that has worked so well (/sarc) in Egypt and other places. Same with Libya– there were a ton of foreigners sparking things off.


From the poster:

Doesn’t look like any regular guerilla to me, nor your typical freedom fighter. Some have said he was ‘western looking’ but ALL Syrian nationals have been complaining about mysterious snipers randomly shooting people of all sects and religions. It is the masses themselves who’ve been demanding protection from these foreign ‘agitators’, via the Syrian Army.

I believe this video is proof of that scenario, as the original was pulled from the net entirely within hours, and then a new one was uploaded to an arabic youtube channel, with an overdub of the terms ‘Allah Uh Akbar’ over it, as if to give it Jihadist credibility, and throw us off the track of thinking we’d just seen a western intelligence agent fire a rocket launched grenade at civilians in a foreign, sovereign country.. – I believe this video depicts exactly that. Perfect destabilization.

then, in response to a commenter:

Yeah, I should have linked into the original re-upload where they have someone repeating ‘Allah uh Akbar’ in the background, which of course was NOT in the original that got pulled. I muted in this case, as Webster Tarpley always gives a good rundown of detailed geopolitics, and so I may upload the original file. They’d made it ‘private’ and half-corrupted the file too, took me all day to do this 1 min video, seriously. Someone, somewhere, hates me even more now.. Uh Oh.

. . . And yes. I also saw it coming the moment I looked at the PNAC document, and then started seeing the BBC mentioning just how ‘out of control’ the Syrian Army was. I hate the BBC so much, you can’t even begin to understand it..

Again, while I find it plausible, I’m not as sure that’s what’s seen in the vid. The man is silouetted, so his features are unclear. I’m not sure how one could peg him as specifically “Western”– Plenty of Syrians (like the Lebanese, for instance), have “Western looking” bone structures, and the “Working class men” will be found in western “working class gear” of jeans, tee-shirt, jacket, ball-cap.

What is clear, is that the man was doing a piss-poor job of sweeping the street, doing nothing but moving dirt around, if that. And he hit dirt, not even proper pavement. Not sure what he was aiming for, but aside from making a crater in dirt, I’m not sure what sort of damage he caused. Except for adding to the general ambience of chaos . . .


Call the Sheriff, Run The Scum Out!

Well-a-day! Sometimes, when pondering the mighty battles before us, when contemplating their complexities and vagaries, we forget the basics. Sometimes, these basics are thing that we didn’t learn in school, but learned from the culture– from movies— because the tellers of those tales knew things, important things, that we didn’t know.

Every American child knows that when the bad guys come to town, it’s time to call out the sheriff. Wyatt Earp will come and sweep those no good, yella bellied, damn fool cowards out, don’t you worry none now, chile. . . A cultural stereotype. And image of our youth.

Based in real, Supreme Court Supported Law. Lawd Almighty! It was the Valiant Ann who has brought this to my attention. Since her place doesn’t link to individual posts, I’ll just borrow her words and hope she doesn’t mind (and be sure to click on the link and read that. Very good stuff to know!):

Question: What is the most powerful law enforcement office in the United States? Who has the power and authority to arrest Obama? Who could override the Secret Service?Answer: The County Sheriff of any county that Obama is physically inside. The single most powerful office in the United States, even more powerful than the President, is your friendly, local County Sheriff. This dynamic was built into the fabric of this nation by the Founding Fathers, and has been VERY recently affirmed by the SCOTUS.

Click here for a very detailed article on the topic with citations.

This is the principle of governance called “subsidiarity”. Subsidiarity is the principle of governance taught by the Magesterium of the Catholic Church – no matter how many Marxist bishops there may be, and no matter what lying Marxist filth they may spew. Subsidiarity means that the most power lies with the sovereign individual. The next highest level of power is LOCAL (and there’s your friendly county sheriff), the next most powerful level is the state, below that is the federal level, and the weakest level of governance is INTERNATIONAL (such as a body that would arbitrate trade disputes). The further away governance gets from the individual, the weaker it becomes. Golly! That kinda makes sense, huh? This principle can be applied to different governmental structures, from representative republic to parliamentary constitutional monarchy and even to hereditary monarchy. This is why Jesus didn’t call out a SPECIFIC form of government – because there are multiple possibilities that can totally work SO LONG AS subsidiarity is observed. And how did Christ identify subsidiarity as the true governmental principle? He did it by dying on the Cross for us personally. The Most Powerful Ruler there is submitted Himself UNTO DEATH for the sake of, and in service to the individual.

For anyone who might be interested, this is how the Catholic Church works, too. A priest is in charge and has authority over his parish. It is his responsibility. The bishop calls the shots in his diocese, and the Pope is a suffering servant, who is tasked with the BIG PICTURE issues, such as setting down in official writing the Church’s teachings on matters of faith and morals as needed. But in terms of the day-to-day stuff, the governance is definitely a matter of subsidiarity. This is why Rome had such a slow and admittedly not aggressive enough response to the sex scandals. They were trying to let the bishops assert their own power – but they didn’t fully appreciate how infested the bishopric had become with Marxist homosexuals. Rome understands that now. But I do wish they would be even more aggressive. It is now a matter of wolves attacking the flock. The shepherd needs to come out swinging.

But I digress.

Isn’t it interesting how this stuff is all tied together? Yep. Mighty interesting indeed.

So what we need to do is get Obama to go to Maricopa County, Arizona for a campaign fundraiser and then have Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrest his felonious, forgering, treasonous @$$. And guys, I’m not really kidding. This is a VERY viable tactic.

 Well, Boy Howdy! Who would have thought that, at the moment of our need, Providence would have programmed in us the very answer we sought? That when the outlaw posse comes to town, you call the Sheriff! That symbol mixed between Knight and Cowboy, the man who stands against the agents of chaos to protect the towsfolk from those who would do them harm!

Now that said, I believe my local sheriff is absolutely useless for this particular job. I live just outside the 9th ring, which is to say, I’m in the DC suburbs. Ain’t no sheriff ’round these parts with the desire, much less gumption, to do what’s needed. Simple fact, that.

But across this fine nation of ours? We need to remind the Sheriffs of who and what they are. They have the authority–recently upheld– to do what must be done. To see this through to the end, and to defend our Constitution when no one else is in the position to do so.

There are Stars in the Night

[This was first posted at The Last Refuge. I’ve been meaning to repost here, but the time never seemed right. Good Friday is a good day for Confessions, so here goes. . .]

I must start by admitting that I don’t know exactly why I’m writing this. All I know it that since reading Dagny’s Women’s Voting piece, I’ve felt the need. Nagging, pressing, annoying. That usually means there’s some manner of Divine impetus behind it. Maybe somewhere in this story is something one of you needs to read. Maybe I just need to tell the tale to some people who haven’t actually met me personally. Maybe between the telling and the reading, some measure of clarity or understanding is offered. I really, really don’t know.

What follows is a partial autobiography at least to this point in my life, an attempt to explain why I approach certain topics from some rather strange angles. Many details will not be shared. Sometimes I may seem to go off onto a tangent—if so, it is only because I am trying to prevent at least some of the seemingly inevitable misunderstandings. Many of you will find some of these experiences strange—I will be as clear as I can and, if you ask questions, I will answer to the best of my ability. But that’s no guarantee to understanding—much I don’t even understand myself.

Please, bear with me. And yes, when I figure out what the point to all this is, I’ll let you know.

The fact of the existence of God was never a problem for me. From my earliest memories, the fact of God was as apparent as the clouds in the sky, or the fact that water was wet. “Du~uh, of course God’s real, dummy!” This has never changed, though to my great joy, my relationship to that Truth has changed a great deal over the years. No, my problem in my earliest years was that fact meant nothing to me. One might say: the brain knowledge was not connecting to the heart. Continue reading

Ave Caesar!

I’m a bit at a loss for words, so I’ll let IAmDagny (a commenter at Honeytrail) speak

It is common knowledge that once the new congress is seated in January, they will move to hamstring the Obama regime by defunding various scourges such as the out-of-control EPA, ACORN and, of course, ObamaCare. Knowing this, the regime is now moving, with the help of the lame duck congress, to grant itself unconstitutional budgetary powers, namely this: As it stands now, the Congress sets the budget, with each department or program getting a specific amount of money as laid out in writing in the budget. The Obama regime is going to give itself the power to TRANSFER MONEY BETWEEN PROGRAMS at its sole discretion. So if the congress defunds ObamaCare or the EPA, Obama will now be able to simply move money from the defense budget, or the USDA, or anything else, back into the accounts of these evil, unconstitutional programs.

What this means is that the congress will now set ONLY A GROSS DOLLAR FIGURE for the budget, and Obama will have total carte blanche to allocate that money AT HIS SOLE DISCRETION.

Citation Here: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/12/03/wh-wants-transfer-authority-on-appropriations/

This is an abomination. This guts the essence of the House of Representatives, and therefore robs the entire Legislative Branch of their power– giving it directly to the Executive. When Glenn Beck was talking the other day about the transition of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, I thought he was using it as good illustration, a historical metaphor, if you will. Little did I think, it would be the actual playbook!

Listen to us, little prince! We are Americans. We have no King — save for the Maker of the Cosmos Himself– and we need no King! No King, no Emperor, no little Caesar to dictate what happens where and how!

Make no mistake, dear friends, the power of the purse is the key of all the power in DC. Laws and regulations are meaningless without the funding to enforce them. This is why the House — the body with the most members, and most likely to fight each other in the streets, dignity be damned– has this power. It is the balance again Executive demands– the Commander in Chief can order jets to bomb Yemen, but if Congress stops the funding for the bombs, very few will fall.

But, if the Single Executive has the power of the Gun and the Purse, what does he not have? If conservatives vex him, he can gut Defense spending to pay for unemployment. He can do anything he wants, at all. Did he not take an Oath, before God and the Nations, to uphold and defend The Constitution? If he has deliberately violated his Oath, what does that mean?

And at this point, people, I think we truly no longer have a Republic. Not if this happens. No Republic, no freedom, no America.

(Upside: Now we can crack corny jokes about “Back, in the Glorious Days of the Republic!” . . . no, that’s not much of an upside, is it?)

An 8-28 Roundup

In addition to my own little entry below, some other folk, waaaaaaaay smarter than I, have written some intersting things about 8/28, or closely related topics.

The Chicago Boyz: “I think I see what Glenn is Doing”  and “The Deeper Meaning of the CBz Beck-O-Lanche

American Thinker: “Nobody Here But us 400,000 chickens” , “The Education of Glenn Beck“,  “Restoring Honor and our Higher Selves” and “Stark Contrasts Last Saturday

Hillbuzz: “One Large Festival of Kindness”  Some Pics and some more pics.

Patheos: “Have We Squandered Our Cultural Inheritance?

If you’ve only time for one read the first of the Chicago Boyz articles. If you have a little more, read them all. There is definitely something interesting afoot!

8-28 Was Quite Something!

[Note: I have pics to go with this, ut I’m having trouble uploading them, so I’ll add them later]

It’s taken a few days to process my thoughts on the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally on the Mall. I feel as though a duty has been laid upon me, while at the same time my spine has been stiffened against the brainwashing of my youth.

Snape and I left the house around 0630, arriving at the Mall about 0800. We were well prepared, with plenty of water, GORP, granola bars, first aide kits, N95 masks, journals, iphones, cash, and other supplies for “just in case.” This is because we are firm believers in Thatcher’s Law: The unexpected happens, so be ready for it. Likewise, we further propose that if a thing is expected, it won’t happen.

There was a crowd at the Metro station we started at, almost all of them headed to our same destination. Getting off at the Smithsonian Station was a steady stream of people leaving and turning left, toward the Washington Monument. People the whole way there were cheerful, pushing strollers and carrying fold-up lawn chairs.

We stopped a moment at the Washington Monument, taking a picture of it from the bottom, and then at the vistas around—the rising sun behind the Capitol, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial.

People were respectful of the WWII Memorial, setting up their places all around, not on, the Memorial. Snape and I worked our way around to the right (the north side of the Reflecting Pool), eventually finding a place on the hill in the trees, close to the first jumbo-tron in from the Memorial.

From my journal: It is packed here. I and [Snape] are among the trees, northside, closer to the WWII Memorial than the Lincoln. Neighbor peeps say more here than 9/12 last year. People like sardines the whole way, and beyond, still streaming in. People wearing T shirts w/ G. Washington kneeling in prayer, or the Founders’ Virtues Shirts, or Beck shirts. Everyone seems happy, upbeat. Some Gadsden and US Flags about. Flag purses. Uncle Sam hats.

[Snape] just mentioned that we should have brought popcorn, we are sitting on a hill, after all. [This is in reference to a funny Apocalypse dream I had in college.]

People around us from FL, MA, NY, ME. We’re apparently in the East Coast Contigent.

Weather is pleasantà low humidity, relatively low temp.

[Snape] opines: “Wish we had these numbers for March for Life”

Canada Geese, flying in formation over the Reflecting Pool get applause. . .

I’ll not go through blow by blow, as my journal does. Glen started by talking about the scars of America, saying that yes, America has done some terrible things. But she has also done marvelous things. We must learn from those horrible things and move on, not wallow in them until we become so sickened be wither away. Today, he said, “we focus on what’s good about America!”

It was quite something hearing Mrs. Palin speak about Marcus Luttrell, James Eddie Wright and Tom Kirk. So touching and inspiring. I confess I didn’t know about any of the award winners, but they too were quite something: Rev. CL Jackson, Albert Pujoles, and John Huntsman.

Hearing Dr. Alveda King speak was quite something, as well. She and Sarah both got standing ovations—much more than Mr. Beck himself. Dr. King reflected on the problems of America today, and what has and hasn’t changed since her Uncle (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) spoke at that same place 47 years ago. She also led us in singing “Life Every Voice and Sing!”, a sing we sing from time to time at Church.

At the end, Glenn addressed the crowd. There are, at this moment, no transcripts available, and I was unable to scribble much down at the time. He spoke of the 40 day pledge he had people make in July, which was structured on the Cardinal Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity. For Faith, people were to pray, on their knees, at least once a day, and let their children see them do it. People needed to have the physical reminder of their relationship with God. For Hope, people were to remove all lies from their life. Stop lying to others, stop lying to themselves. Seek the Truth, and then follow it. “The truth will set you free,” he said “But it will make you miserable first!” For Charity, he considered that Charity begins at home. So, he had people pledge to do one loving thing for someone in their family each day. Start with these things, he said, in preparation for Restoring Honor.

In his speech, then, he issued the challenge anew, this time framing it in the context of the final sentence in the Declaration of Independence: “. . . with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” The first part, about Providence relating to Faith, Hope relating to “our lives”, Charity to “Our fortunes”, and that these together can preserve and uphold “our Sacred Honor.”

He spoke of the coming troubles, which I have been sensing for several years, so I’m afraid I cannot describe this knowing to someone who doesn’t have it. Just as we knew the storm was coming to drown New Orleans back in 2002, so too I have known about this storm. Either you can listen to the wind or you cannot, I suppose. The only quotes managed to snag from the air around me were: “The storm that is coming is not just an American storm . . .  it is a human storm . . . it is a global storm.” and  “God doesn’t choose the able, He enables the chosen”

If I get a hold of a transcript, I shall correct a quoted errors, and perhaps add more excepts in the future.
[I’ve posted a round up of other writings on the event, here]

“I aim to misbehave”

In one of the posts I just recommended, the Hillboyz urge everyone to have a plan, should the Reid refuse to seat Scott Brown after his victory.

I’m not entirely sure what my plan is, aside from going downtown. But Brown’s supporters are called the “Brown Brigade”. This brought to mind a group of the same color, and one member in specific:

Good stuff, and oddly appropriate. . . I’ve nothing more specific, but perhaps I can send this around, and someone else will figure out what I too thick to realize. . .