USA Hockey

Finally, let me express my cheers for USA Hockey, for their OMGWin! against Canada (who, I maintain, would have done better this Olympics if they had chosen Mike Green for the team), and their win yesterday against the Swiss. A Gold Medal would be awesome, boys!

I’m sad, though, that we won’t be facing the Russians, who are out. At least Ovie, Semin, and Varly get to come home now. Well, my home at least. Now I can root for USA without even the caveat of sometimes rooting for my Caps on the Russion team . ..

USA Junior Win ^_^!

I just saw the rebroadcast of last night’s World Junior Hockey Championship. John Carlson’s goal in OT was nothing short of beautiful, to give us (USA) the 6-5 victory (over Canada). I didn’t see much of the rest of OT, being busy with washing dishes and making tea, but I caught the goal. This is a nice change of pace, seeing as Canada has owned this for years. BTW, Carlson currently plays for the Hershey Bears, the farm team for the Washington Capitols (my home team, and team of choice). Excellent! Here’s Video (the last half is replays): [For some reason, the embed isn’t working. . .]

What I saw of the rest was good on both sides. Canada fought well, a worthy foe.

And he’s a hockey fan?! Be still my heart!

The Hillboyz have posted something I hadn’t been aware of: Centerfold candidate Scott Brown was at the Winter Classic yesterday at Fenway, campaigning amidst the Bruins and Flyers fans. The Boyz and myself are in favor of this man winning the MA senate season for pretty much the same reasons: he’s said he’ll not vote for HealthcareHell, and he’s totally hawt. So hawt, in fact, that he’s got a Cosmo centerfold in his portfolio, with him wearing only what God gave him.

Apparently he’s also a bit of a hockey fan–if he’s going to campaign there, he’s gonna know something of the sport lest he look like a complete fool to the fans– and look, Comedian Lenny Clark!

Here’s the vid: