11 April 2014 News



First off, a correction:Yesterday’s link regarding the slaughter of Christians might be a fake. Sorry, just learned about that. However, here’s a link to something real, from one of the most credible people on the planet.


Related: Brandeis disgraces itself with its treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Kinda related: Is it me, or is Walid Shoebat starting to lean a bit Catholic? Look a this blog, and find the entries written by Walid Shoebat. . .

Capitol Hill Doings:

Lois Lerner Found in Contempt of Congress. Well, du~uh, and long past time for it tooDeansmile. Not that it’ll do much, but I appreciate the gesture. Although, I gotta say, everytime Trey Gowdy opens his mouth, I swoon like a teenaged girl meeting Jensen Ackles. ..

Sebelius resigns. She was given a crap job and no support, did the best she could with a turd sammich, tried to polish it nice for her d-bag boss. . . Truth be told, I ain’t gonna miss her, but I do have a bit of repect for the terrible position she was in.

The Bundy Ranch Seige

Attack Dogs and Tasers

Calling on the Sheriff to Arrest the Federales

The Next Waco (or Ruby Ridge, for that matter)

Bundy Ranch Blog (this goes right to the donation page)

There is word that the Militias are startign to arrive in numbers, now. I’ll try to post when I have something more solid.

Other updates:

Something Ain’t Quite Right

Ok, ok . . . let me first say that I believe that Osama binLadin is Dead, for realsies. He is an ex-terrorist, he is no more, he has gone to meet his maker, to wonder why his virgins are so ugly, and why it’s so goddamn hot in Paradise.

And, I admit, I’m quite pleased and happy at the notion. To every servince man and woman who was part of bringing this rabid dog down, THANK YOU! May God Bless and Smile upon you and your way.

Now to the part where I prove, once and for all, that I am a total KillJoy.

Something here ain’t right. I can’t put my finger on it. I know it’s rooted in the fact that I don’t trust this administration any more than I can throw them. Not only is there no trust, there is a lot of distrust. So yes, much bias to begin with.

My first thought, when I heard they buried him at sea was “Really? Well, I hope they got some good pics, or kept some essential parts behind for DNA purposes . . .”

Timing is questionable as always.

And my intuition is pinging me like sub on crack.

Let me explain a few things, first. Back in college, I went to school in New Orleans. I and a bunch of other out of state kids got to be good friends. We used to sit around in common areas and talk about the coming storm that would drown the city, and we all swore to each other that we’d be out of the area before it came. This was 1998-2002. The last of us left New Orleans for good three months before Katrina hit.

A little after Katrina, I started getting those feelings again, that lingering, approaching doom, ticking on me like the 24 clock. tick-thunck, tick-thunk, tick-thunk. My eyes were drawn to economic matters, and the feelings just mounted and mounted. It felt like the world was spinning out of control. I discussed this with my old college friends, many of whom felt the same thing. In Dec 2008, one called me, and I remember telling her I felt like we’d tipped off the edge, just didn’t know it yet. “It’s going to get bad out there,” I said. “It’s gonna get so much worse before it gets better. . .”

Witness the last several years economy, and various political issues, and the strain our society is experiencing.

Understand, I only recently studied economics, finance, all that. I didn’t know any of these things at the time. I was a Music major, with a love for theory and a talent for Tarot.

Interesting, that it’s these latter talents that, I believe, inform my intuition to such a degree. I have training in recognizing patterns, in stringing together signs to form larger pictures, in analyzing rhythm and harmony.

The news of Saddam’s Capture was a major chord, played by shining brass and snappy drums.

The news of Osama’s Death is a minor chord, a cadence signaling a shift of key, played by low strings and piccolo. That piccolo is trying to draw our attention, but what the hell are the cellos and basses up to? Where are the brass? The percussion?

My intuition, that warned me years in advance of Katrina and the economic collapse, is telling me that something here ain’t right.

Moreover, the other manifestation of intuition is that I get suddenly ill before major Badness happens– with no explanation. I was suddenly very sick the night of 9/10/2001. Likewise before Mumbai and Ft. Hood. Last night, at 9:30 pm EDT, I was suddenly very nauseated. I was able to forestall illness by dosing myself liberally with ginger, but there was no cause for me to be feeling this way. Nothing has been “going around”, dinner was perfectly cooked. No cause for illness.

Then I awoke to the news this morning, and my first reaction was not the jubilation I expected, but wariness.

Look, right now, I admit, this is all baseless. I just want it written, for the record. Something ain’t right.

UPDATE: Ann Barnhardt hits on my concerns re: timing: Continue reading

Let’s Connect a Few Things

The Left is fond of proclaiming “We’re all connected!”, and then proceeding to behave as though every person and action were entirely independant and unrelated. I’ve noticed over the past few days a fair number of stories that do connect. some of which only from certain perspectives. Just look at them in context with each other, that’s all I ask.

Many of the links that follow are stories that were covered by The Conservative Treehouse, or by the commentors at that site in various threads. Most of the credit for finding these things goes to them.

Set 1, Of Political import

iPhone is watching you: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2383876,00.asp
Police scanning phones at traffic stops: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/34/3458.asp
Encrypt your iphone data: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-encrypt-iphone-location-data-2011-4

Set 1b (related from a certain perspective to Set 1):
More Military being shipped overseas: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/04/19/hey-whos-up-for-an-even-bigger-us-military-presence-in-europe/

The Soros-Muslim-Brotherhood Takeover: http://grendelreport.posterous.com/very-important-analysis-on-the-sorosmuslim-br

Obama and Holder Playing polititcs with DoJ: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/did-obama-and-holder-scuttle-terror-finance-prosecutions/2/

From Ann Barnhardt (go to her blog, scroll down. There’s no handy direct link. And while you’re there, read the rest of everything she’s written. It’s good for you):

SOROS ALERT. My cash grain broker source sent me notification while I was in Oklahoma that the evil man who is actually controlling the White House (with and through the twin witches Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama) has purchased another HUGE grain elevator company and SOROS is now the THIRD LARGEST grain company behind only Cargill and ADM. Here is the text of the Reuters story:
Gavilon to buy Union Elevator PNW grain elevators

* Gavilon acquisition allows it to support PNW export mkt
* Elevator purchase equates to 8.4 million bushel capacity
CHICAGO , March 24 (Reuters) – U.S. grain firm Gavilon Grain said on Thursday it will buy Union Elevator and Warehouse’s 16 grain elevators in the Pacific Northwest , the company’s second big purchase of U.S. grain facilities in the last six months. Privately held Union Elevator, where employees own a significant share of the company, approved the transaction on Wednesday, with sale expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2011.
The purchase of 16 elevators at 12 locations in eastern Washington will expand Gavilon’s grain capacity by 8.4 mbu.
“The addition of Union Elevator’s grain facilities and origination capabilities position us well to support the growing Pacific Northwest export wheat market and serve the Columbian Basin feed grain market,” Greg Konsor, VP and GM of Gavilon Grain, said in a statement. The PNW is the No. 1 wheat export terminal in the United States .
Omaha, Nebraska-based Gavilon — a commodity trading firm formed in 2008 when ConAgra Foods sold it to investors — purchased grain handler DeBruce Companies last year, making it the third-largest U.S. grain storage network behind ADM and Cargill Inc.
(Reporting by Christine Stebbins; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)
This is BAD, BAD NEWS, kids. George Soros is Gavilon. As I say over and over again at my schools, he who controls the FOOD controls EVERYTHING. And George Soros is rapidly maneuvering to control the food in this country. Everyone remember the name GAVILON. I promise that it is just a matter of time before he makes a move for cattle feeding capacity. ANY CATTLEMAN OR FEEDLOT WHO SELLS OUT TO GAVILON/SOROS WILL BE A TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ITS CONSTITUTION AND ITS PEOPLE. Let’s see who the first one is. I have some educated guesses . . .

Set 2, Of Social Import

University Prof. Bullies Students: http://theiowarepublican.com/home/2011/04/20/university-of-iowa-professor-tells-college-republicans-to-%E2%80%9Cf%E2%80%9D-off

Stay Classy, Wonkette: http://theconservativetreehouse.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/uber-classy-liberal-website-relentlessly-mocks-palin%e2%80%99s-son-with-downs-syndrome-%e2%80%94-update-papa-johns-huggies-pull-their-ads-from-wonkette%e2%80%a6/#more-6442

Two Teens Suicide: http://www.patheos.com/community/theanchoress/2011/04/20/teen-suicide-media-excess-palin-and-bullies-again/

Wrapping kids in bubble wrap: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Freeze-Tag-Red-Rover-Deemed-Dangerous-in-New-Summer-Camp-Regs-120195644.html

Toddler Terrorist Prevention: http://theconservativetreehouse.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/follow-up-napolitano-backs-6-year-old%e2%80%99s-pat-down-%e2%80%98done-professionally-according-to-the-protocols%e2%80%99/

Have sex, kill babies! Fun times!!

Each set has stories that relate to each other, even if not obviously. Put these things together, please. What you see is not the architectural blueprints for the Kingdom of Heaven. Think about that for a little while.

Is America Satanophobic?

Andrew Klavan brings up an important question in his most recent Klavan on Culture

Hello. I’m Z Malfoy, and I’m Satanophobic. Satan creeps me out, and I find him ugly. And he smells bad, too– Sulfur and Brimstone, yuk!

. . .

Now, The MorningStar, OTOH. . . Oooh-ooh, and that Archangel Michael, such a hottie! ^_~!


(Oh, and H/t Instapundit)

National Preparedness Month

This is National Preparedness Month. Tomorrow is “Patriots Day”, which is calendar-speak for “The day the ‘Religion of Peace’ murdered 2996 Americans in cold blood

This being the time of year that it is, a short preparedness-related roundup is in order.

First, from Bill Quick (via Instapundit), we have a link to a Gay Libertarian Survivalist. Gotta love breaking stereotypes. That said, the commentary at Mr. Quick’s site is great, educational reading. Some useful links, as well.

You know I gotta link to the Survival Mom, because she’s got such a great perspective about prepping, and is such a gentle presence in a male-dominated field. My pick this time: The place of Roses in your Preps. Yes– too often, men look at feminine things and think they are friviolities, not realizing that roses are not just pretty and nice-smelling, but are real bastards to deal with, once those thorns come in. That said, apparently my maternal grandpa loved growing roses. I’m sure that has something to do with grandma loving them. . .

Not so much preparedness as 9/11 related: The Hillboyz would like you to pray for he soul of their friend Jane, who was murdered 9 years ago when the Twin Towers went down. Likewise, they have another intention as well. Some additional prayer requests in the comments.

The Washington Post had a nice article on canning in the Food Section this past Wednesday. I would have linked to it, but they want me to sign up and give info which I really don’t feel like giving. So I’m sure you can find it on your own. It was nice.

From the UK: Fear as food prices soar. What happens on that side of the Atlantic soon comes to this side.

Burning things and being burned.

Book burnings are in the news again, thanks to that pastor down in Florida who went and advertised his intent to light up a few Korans. To be clear, the man has a constitutional right to do this (provided the flames are well contained), but I agree with those who say it’s unwise. Like building a Mosque at the edge of Ground Zero in New York. Funny that. As much as I respect Patreus, he has no business telling civilians how to exercise their rights– as Hillbuzz notes:

He claims he’s calling for the church not to burn those Korans because he believes it will lead to more deaths of US soldiers, because Muslims can’t control their emotions and something a church does in Florida will enrage these people so much thousands of miles away that they will kill  more US troops.

If that’s the case, then what was the reason for them killing troops yesterday?

Or last week?

What’s endangering our Troops are the utterly insane and ridiculous ROE that they have to follow. Not really civilians being stupid at home.

Some think it’s unwise because it’s too provocative,or insensitive, or “we’re better than that.” Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes, I think we might “be better than that” into utter ruins. But that’s neither here nor there. My unease comes from my background in the occulter side of life.

Book burnings of this sort are much like burning Guy Fawkes, George W Bush, or Osama Bin Ladin in effigy. It’s (usually, to most people) a mostly  symbolic thing, a way of ritually murdering someone without actually, you know, murdering them. What it really is, intended or not, is the oldest sort of magic in the history of our species — Sympathetic Magic. Many scholars think that the cave paintings by our earliest ancestors functioned as sympathetic magic for hunting purposes.Later in history, when sacrifices of humans was deemed no longer kosher (usually due to the introduction of Christianity), the Old Ways started sacrificing “effigies” to take the place of what was once humans. In time, effigies were anything representative of the thing to be destroyed, which later lead to book burnings.

In this sense, burning a book is “destroying the thought” behind the book, the assumed mental poison held therein. Sometimes people burn Harry Potter when they should be burning Crowley, but that’s because muggles really can’t tell the difference between the too, which is a bit distressing. Anyway, burning the book is an act of attacking with intent to destroy all that is represented by that book. Whether it’s The Goblet of Fire or the Liber al vel Legis or the Koran, burning a book is done with the intent to weaken, if not destroy, the thought behind the book.

It can have positive effect– if one is burning one’s own books, with the intent of breaking free of something in the past (a torrid love affair with Progressivism, for instance), the act of burning the representative books can be liberating. All one needs is the book(s) in question, a grill, some lighter fluid and a match or two. See ya later, Wilson! Ta-ta Ayers! Burn in a hot, fiery hell, Soros!

They key then, when considering Book Burning from an occult point of view, is: What does this book symbolize to everyone taking part in this ritual? Does the book symbolize Ahmadinejad, the twisted Royal House of Saud, the thuggish Taliban or Murderous Hamas? Or does it simply symbolize all of Islam?

What is the focus of this ritual? The pastor says he wants to send a message. Yeah? Okay– what message? That we can burn things too? That we know and understand the origins of their book and will have no part of it?

That the media got wind of this at all tells me there’s a horrible lack of focus here, which can only come back in bad, bad ways. First off, a Christian Pastor has no business leading any member of his congregation into doing such a thing. While I maintain that it is possible for a Christian to be both Christian and Mage, it is rare for a reason. Any shepherd who deliberately brings any part of his assigned flock into these doings needs to know he is leading them in dangerous directions. If even one person doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, these things can blow up in their face. If no one involved knows exactly what’s going on, from all angles, it definitely will blow up in their faces. How can it blow up?

Donald Michael Kraig, in his text Modern Magick, describes three different “types” of magick: White, Grey, and Black. White Magick is concerned solely with getting closer to the Divine, having little to no effect on the physical world. Grey Magick is anything done, intentionally or not, that causes physical or non-physical good for oneself or another. Black Magick is any magick done, intentionally or not, that causes (physical or non-physical) harm to oneself or another. (This is in Lesson One of the book, page 11 in my edition. I kinda shortened it a bit . . . )

Kraig then gives and example: Say you do a ritual to gain a thousand dollars. (I’ll even add, let’s say it’s for a “good cause”– paying your bills or helping out a worthy charity). After your ritual your uncle dies in a car crash and leaves you a thousand dollars in his will. Yes, the money you got went to help the homeless, but it was done with Black Magick– you directly or indirectly killed someone, even if that was never your intent. As they say, the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. . . many magicians learn to think like lawyers simply to avoid such trouble.

Going back to Florida. . . if this guy and his people don’t know what they’re doing, if their focus isn’t sufficiently refined, there is almost no way they will be able to avoid harming innocents. Even if their intent is to scare away those bastards that would enslave or murder us all, the cast is too broad, especially now that the media is involved (A very, very good argument for strict secrecy for these sorts of things).  Without the focus, without knowing the exact message to be sent, and the exact recipients, they might as well pour kerosene on every Muslim in the name of every American Christian. I don’t think that’ll work out well. Better if this were a small group, if this were secret, and best if they had sufficient training to maintain the proper focus.

But I’ll go back to the point, too, that as this sort of thing is, by very nature, a ritual of occult nature, no pastor should be involving his people in this sort of thing. Not if he’s Christian. I know he likely doesn’t even realize how very close to Old School Witchcraft he’s skirting (doubtless he’d be utterly scandalized!), but ignorance won’t save him. His heart and instinct have run away  and left his reason panting behind.

What a pastor should do, if he wants to lead proper spiritual warfare, is lead his congregation in praying for the poor heathens consigned to the abomination called “Islam”.  Pray for their conversion, for God’s Mercy, for God’s Grace to Illuminate them. . . I do this with the House of Saud on a regular basis. Offering them up to God can never go wrong. Granted, He takes His Own Sweet Time!, but Patience, luv, is a Virtue. If you claim to have Faith, then show it. Pray for your enemy– do not risk the Karmic Backlash of Black Magick. At least, don’t if you’re a Christian. If you’re a heathen, then do as you will. . .

A Roundup of *Head-smack!*

A selection for you today, of things that might make you smack your own forehead like Bart Simpson watching Homer trying to assemble a tricycle.

First, AOL News notices that celebrities don’t seem to have much interest in the Oil problems down in the Gulf. When searching for an explantation, they conjecture that they are distracted with other disasters (Haiti and, a little inexplicably at the moment, Katrina) and “well, awards season isn’t for another nine months.”

Well, that and the bigger the disaster is, the better it fits into their plans. Why is James Carville (and hell, even Chris Matthews) way more upset about this than the environmentalists who screetch when someone discovers a time capsule with a can of Aquanet? C’mon, really. I understand that neither actors, rock stars, nor politicians can, themselves, fix the spill. But the former can do like they did for Haiti and Katrina, and like the Country singers did for Nashville. The White House can allow the locals to do what they need to do to mitigate the damage. But, no, instead the Pres. plays with balls of various sizes and then goes on vacation. [ADDED: Hillbuzz is wondering if this mess will cause Carville to turn on the Dems. I think maybe. Depends on where James sees his self-interest . . .]

Kuso. Anyway, next up is this: The Imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque Doesn’t Belive in Dialogue. This isn’t any surprise to anyone who pays any attention at all, but here’s some proof for the head-in-the-sand doubters. This mosque is being planned as a sign of domination– a big middle finger to New Yorkers, Americans, and Kafir like us everywhere. Blinkered N00bs try to say otherwise, because they’re scared and cowards and maybe, actually believe that this lot is one of the (increasingly, rare seeming) Good Muslims, who really do want to help things get better. So use this the next time someone tries to call you intolerant. No, you’re not intolerant, you’re just paying the slightest bit of attention.

(PS: God Bless Walid Shoebat, author of this piece. Man knows what he’s talking about, and has been trying to warn us for quite some time. . .)

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard about that SEIU protest in Bethesda on the bank exec’s lawn, right outside a house that was mostly empty– except for terrified adolescent boy on the inside. You know, the one the DC Cops escorted the protestors to? That one. Well, the founding bloggers went to Chi-town to see what people there thought of this tactic. Interesting viewing.

That’s the round up for now. Have a good day!

Strawberry Festival

Today was the annual strawberry festival in these parts. The exact date changes from year to year, though always in late May or early June, whenever strawberries are at the peak of ripeness– much like the actual viewing of cherry blossoms in DC a month or two earlier. Usually, signs go up near the beginning of May, along roads and by churches and banks, announcing the impending festival, which always takes place in the parking lots and fields of a local Montessori school. One field has a collection of moonbounces for the kids, while another nearby field is managed by a Boy Scout troop that directs parking.

The upper parking lot gets filled with booths and tables of local craftspeople, businesses, and other organizations. One lady this year was selling tatted jewelery, including a nice collection with bat charms which I, naturally, had to spend money on. Likewise Tastefully Simple and Pampered Chef people, of which Okassan took advantage. There was a nearby Episcopalian church represented and there, down at the end, a group of young men with a table of pamphlets proclaiming that “Islam is Loyalty” or some such thing.

We didn’t really wander down that way because, quite frankly, Snape and I have a bit of an allergy to Islam– I tend to sneeze alot, and she breaks out in hives, the poor dear. And, to be honest, they stuck out because there were no females among them– and lets face it, a strawberry festival is a rather feminine place, where one expects to see hordes of grannies, moms, and little girls, husbands and sons pulled along with patient (or not so patient) faces. Not really the place for a pack of young fellas (at least, a pack not dressed up in Scout uniforms)– not without even a single Mom or Sister among them.

The backwards American Flag on one of their displays may also have something to do with our reluctance to drift much closer.  Maybe. Either way, both of us are quite happy with our current relationship with The Lord (though we’ll admit, it’s often the two of us being whiney brats that He, in His Mercy, has thus far refrained from smiting out of sheer irritation). They could have been from the local group of Muslims who got kicked out of Pakistan for being to pacifist. Or, they could have been from another, sorta (as far as we can tell) moderate-ish mosque or, they could have been representatives from the Islamic Society of Washington, D.C. Don’t know and, with them lacking any ladies, not really interested.

And before you get all PC, one word: Taqqiya.

After browsing the stalls, down we went to the lower parking lot, where the truck of strawberries had pulled in and a line was forming to purchase strawberries by the full or half flat. While waiting, Snape got into a conversation with a lady behind us on pie dough– and how to change the recipie to account for the recent change in how they make shortening. Really, so typical. We ended up with two flats, which was 16 pounds of strawberries at the peak of ripeness and freshness. 16 of these:


16 of these-- yummy!

Then it was time to head home, routed through residential streets filled with yard sales– I found a rather nice oil lamp, and one jar to add to my canning collection. When we came home, we got right to work, hulling and slicing strawberries, and the rhubarb we’d gotten recently from the CSA, and made two Strawberry-Rhubarb Pies and one Strawberry-Rhubarb tart, of which one pie was baked, one frozen for later, and the tart baked and eaten for lunch. The crust was a Snape family recipie, made by her last night. Sooo good!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry-Rhubarb pie is not the most photogenic of pies.

We then froze most of the rest of the rhubarb and strawberries (save for what we used the the Rhubarb-Peach Cobbler currently in the oven), though we did set aside one pound of strawberries to make these:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Of course we'd have some chocolate dipped strawberries. . .

Which are, as most wizarding folk know, a perfect antidote to Dementor or Lethifold exposure (well, after your Patronus has chased the beasties off, of course). No, no Dementors or Lethifolds around here, just a couple of decadent Slytherins.

Weekend after next, we’ll likely be using some of the frozen berries and rhubarb to make Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam. Can’t wait!

The Doomsday Clock is Obviously Broken

Or in need of new batteries. Via Hotair’s Headlines: “Doomsday Clock” moves one minue further away from midnight.

Ever since I grew up a bit, I’ve believed that the “Doomsday Clock” was a little retarded. A stupid little schtick dressed up as something that, in a comic book, would be utterly cool and awesome.

The problem is two fold: Primarily, we all know that “No man knows the hour.” Not even the Son, only the Father, and it’ll sneak up on us like a “thief in the night.” So making a “clock” that tells that time is pretty damned useless.

Second, it’s run by humans, muggles no less. Humans are flawed, stupid creatures who are constantly suprised at “unexpected” low retail sales in December when anyone with half a brain cell could have called that. How in the heck can they imagine to predict world innihilation when they’re so blinded by ideologies that they can’t even see their own feet?!

Seriously, they moved this back a minute due to a sunnier outlook on Nuclear and Climate Change issues, which is so retarded it makes the Star Wars Christmas Special look pretty smart.

Well, maybe I’ll grant them Climate Change, since it was never a problem to begin with, so they shouldn’t have factored it in to begin with. But Nuclear? Have they heard of a Country named Iran? Have they heard they want to turn Israel into glass, and that Israel has vowed to take Iran with them should they be attacked? Which of course blows up the middle east, which then spreads. . .

Dumb, dumb, dumb. This is why muggles should stick to muggle affairs, and stop trying to practice divination, which is difficult and rare even among us non-muggles. I mean, Trelawney was no exception, you know. Cassandra was.

Speaking of Monstrous Hydras . . .

Don’t forget about Islam. Apparently, our government is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, you read that right. I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around that myself, but Bill Whittle’s gonna have the scoop with PJTV soon. Here’s the preview. (If you have to sign up, bloody well do so. I could see it with my paltry free account. It’s worth the few minutes.

Also with that preview, a little trailer for The Third Jihad. You’re gonna wanna see that, too.

. . . Ne, wasn’t there something in revelation about a seven-headed dragon or some such? With ten crowns or something? I generally like dragons, though I prefer the one headed sort. Still, since I’ve hit on the hydra metaphor, how many heads to this hydra can we name? I’ll start:

1) Islam

Who can name the next six?