Bad Dots: MD PoPo and Unintended Messages

Two links, telling a story about Maryland and DC law enforcement that we really don’t want to read. See, we were raised to respect officers of the law– police, sheriffs, aurors, FBI, etc . . . One of our dear friends is a Deputy Sheriff, Snape has worked with the lawmen, and I had a good friend growing up who was with the police. We want to respect them. We want to support them. But current laws and practices are making this difficult. So, to the links:

First, via Drudge: Recording Cops as they do their work in Public is a Felony in Maryland. But police-car dashboard cams are totally okay. No hypocrisy there.

Second, from Big Journalism: SEIU protestors escorted to private residence by cops. Read the whole thing.

Add to this the PG County habit of no-knock raids to the wrong houses and shooting innocent dogs . . . well, the picture isn’t pretty.

I don’t know that it’s malicious, so much as lazy and unthinking, a falling into the easy abuse of power that comes for frazzled law officers with more energy than honor. Or foresight. Or sense.

Either way, however, it’s not acceptable. There should be no reason why random civilians cannot record public servants when those servants are in public. Protesters should not be escorted by police to private residences for any reason– this is trespassing, and is illegal.

Listen, we want to support our law enforcement, but when they start acting like mafia muscle men, how can we?