27 Feb 2012 Feast of St. Anne Lyne

1) St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our defense against the wikedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all other evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

2) Got the hive box delivered to my backyard yesterday. The hive itself will be delivered in about a month. And then in a little over a year– honey! Mead! Beeswax! Mead! Well pollinated veggies! Mead!


4) Interesting weekend on the seismic and solar fronts. Updates coming. The political world is so screwy I don’t even know where to begin. And, on the social front: So, I met this guy at Katsu, friended him on facebook, and now a friend of his, who is a priest, has friended me, and I’m terribly confused as to why. . .

There are Stars in the Night

[This was first posted at The Last Refuge. I’ve been meaning to repost here, but the time never seemed right. Good Friday is a good day for Confessions, so here goes. . .]

I must start by admitting that I don’t know exactly why I’m writing this. All I know it that since reading Dagny’s Women’s Voting piece, I’ve felt the need. Nagging, pressing, annoying. That usually means there’s some manner of Divine impetus behind it. Maybe somewhere in this story is something one of you needs to read. Maybe I just need to tell the tale to some people who haven’t actually met me personally. Maybe between the telling and the reading, some measure of clarity or understanding is offered. I really, really don’t know.

What follows is a partial autobiography at least to this point in my life, an attempt to explain why I approach certain topics from some rather strange angles. Many details will not be shared. Sometimes I may seem to go off onto a tangent—if so, it is only because I am trying to prevent at least some of the seemingly inevitable misunderstandings. Many of you will find some of these experiences strange—I will be as clear as I can and, if you ask questions, I will answer to the best of my ability. But that’s no guarantee to understanding—much I don’t even understand myself.

Please, bear with me. And yes, when I figure out what the point to all this is, I’ll let you know.

The fact of the existence of God was never a problem for me. From my earliest memories, the fact of God was as apparent as the clouds in the sky, or the fact that water was wet. “Du~uh, of course God’s real, dummy!” This has never changed, though to my great joy, my relationship to that Truth has changed a great deal over the years. No, my problem in my earliest years was that fact meant nothing to me. One might say: the brain knowledge was not connecting to the heart. Continue reading

Chaos and other delights

Wow. Moving into a new-to-me house is quite times consuming. Didn’t get online at all yesterday, prolly will be on a limited schedule until the move is done. I’ll be keeping on top of this Pigford mess as much as I can– but there’s lots of books to be packed.

And all my potions stuff, which I cannot allow the movers to move, since the glass is so breakable. And the chemicals so dangerous, sometimes.

The move itself is next Friday, but we’ve got to be ready to go before they get there, since they charge by the hour, and I’ll be dredging up every last penny to pay them.

8-28 Was Quite Something!

[Note: I have pics to go with this, ut I’m having trouble uploading them, so I’ll add them later]

It’s taken a few days to process my thoughts on the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally on the Mall. I feel as though a duty has been laid upon me, while at the same time my spine has been stiffened against the brainwashing of my youth.

Snape and I left the house around 0630, arriving at the Mall about 0800. We were well prepared, with plenty of water, GORP, granola bars, first aide kits, N95 masks, journals, iphones, cash, and other supplies for “just in case.” This is because we are firm believers in Thatcher’s Law: The unexpected happens, so be ready for it. Likewise, we further propose that if a thing is expected, it won’t happen.

There was a crowd at the Metro station we started at, almost all of them headed to our same destination. Getting off at the Smithsonian Station was a steady stream of people leaving and turning left, toward the Washington Monument. People the whole way there were cheerful, pushing strollers and carrying fold-up lawn chairs.

We stopped a moment at the Washington Monument, taking a picture of it from the bottom, and then at the vistas around—the rising sun behind the Capitol, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial.

People were respectful of the WWII Memorial, setting up their places all around, not on, the Memorial. Snape and I worked our way around to the right (the north side of the Reflecting Pool), eventually finding a place on the hill in the trees, close to the first jumbo-tron in from the Memorial.

From my journal: It is packed here. I and [Snape] are among the trees, northside, closer to the WWII Memorial than the Lincoln. Neighbor peeps say more here than 9/12 last year. People like sardines the whole way, and beyond, still streaming in. People wearing T shirts w/ G. Washington kneeling in prayer, or the Founders’ Virtues Shirts, or Beck shirts. Everyone seems happy, upbeat. Some Gadsden and US Flags about. Flag purses. Uncle Sam hats.

[Snape] just mentioned that we should have brought popcorn, we are sitting on a hill, after all. [This is in reference to a funny Apocalypse dream I had in college.]

People around us from FL, MA, NY, ME. We’re apparently in the East Coast Contigent.

Weather is pleasantà low humidity, relatively low temp.

[Snape] opines: “Wish we had these numbers for March for Life”

Canada Geese, flying in formation over the Reflecting Pool get applause. . .

I’ll not go through blow by blow, as my journal does. Glen started by talking about the scars of America, saying that yes, America has done some terrible things. But she has also done marvelous things. We must learn from those horrible things and move on, not wallow in them until we become so sickened be wither away. Today, he said, “we focus on what’s good about America!”

It was quite something hearing Mrs. Palin speak about Marcus Luttrell, James Eddie Wright and Tom Kirk. So touching and inspiring. I confess I didn’t know about any of the award winners, but they too were quite something: Rev. CL Jackson, Albert Pujoles, and John Huntsman.

Hearing Dr. Alveda King speak was quite something, as well. She and Sarah both got standing ovations—much more than Mr. Beck himself. Dr. King reflected on the problems of America today, and what has and hasn’t changed since her Uncle (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) spoke at that same place 47 years ago. She also led us in singing “Life Every Voice and Sing!”, a sing we sing from time to time at Church.

At the end, Glenn addressed the crowd. There are, at this moment, no transcripts available, and I was unable to scribble much down at the time. He spoke of the 40 day pledge he had people make in July, which was structured on the Cardinal Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity. For Faith, people were to pray, on their knees, at least once a day, and let their children see them do it. People needed to have the physical reminder of their relationship with God. For Hope, people were to remove all lies from their life. Stop lying to others, stop lying to themselves. Seek the Truth, and then follow it. “The truth will set you free,” he said “But it will make you miserable first!” For Charity, he considered that Charity begins at home. So, he had people pledge to do one loving thing for someone in their family each day. Start with these things, he said, in preparation for Restoring Honor.

In his speech, then, he issued the challenge anew, this time framing it in the context of the final sentence in the Declaration of Independence: “. . . with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” The first part, about Providence relating to Faith, Hope relating to “our lives”, Charity to “Our fortunes”, and that these together can preserve and uphold “our Sacred Honor.”

He spoke of the coming troubles, which I have been sensing for several years, so I’m afraid I cannot describe this knowing to someone who doesn’t have it. Just as we knew the storm was coming to drown New Orleans back in 2002, so too I have known about this storm. Either you can listen to the wind or you cannot, I suppose. The only quotes managed to snag from the air around me were: “The storm that is coming is not just an American storm . . .  it is a human storm . . . it is a global storm.” and  “God doesn’t choose the able, He enables the chosen”

If I get a hold of a transcript, I shall correct a quoted errors, and perhaps add more excepts in the future.
[I’ve posted a round up of other writings on the event, here]

Back in Black

Some times, we Slytherins retreat into the dungeons. For a thousand years, what we do down there has been a bit of a mystery, but the truth is really quite disappointing. When we retreat, we sit and think. Think, think, think.

We re-evaluate, re-consider, revise, revise revise.

I’ve been hesitant. Very hesitant, because the last thing I want to do is be that raving, tinfoil hat person. But it is increasingly clear that sounding the warning cannot be avoided anymore.

Ezekial Chapter 33 begins thusly:

1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me: 2 Son of man, speak thus to your countrymen: “When I bring the sword against a country, and the people of this country select one of their number to be their watchman, 3 and the watchman, seeing the sword coming against the country, blows the trumpet to warn the people, 4 anyone hearing but not heeding the warning of the trumpet and therefore slain by the sword that comes against him, shall be responsible for his own death. 5 He heard the trumpet blast yet refused to take warning; he is responsible for his own death, for had he taken warning he would have escaped with his life. 6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and fails to blow the warning trumpet, so that the sword comes and takes anyone, I will hold the watchman responsible for that person’s death, even though that person is taken because of his own sin.

7 You, son of man, I have appointed watchman for the house of Israel; when you hear me say anything, you shall warn them for me.

Pretty clear to me. To us. So back to the blog, to shout warning into the ether.

As part of this, I would like to introduce a new co-blogger, LSnape. I’ve known her for a long time, and she’ll be helping with keeping the content flowing. I’ll let her introduce herself, so she can share what she wishes.

MD politics brief update

Went to the meeting of AFP Maryland Montgomery County this past Tuesday evening.  There was a brief business meeting, followed by a very good talk on Climate Change Legistlation by Ben Leiberman of The Heritage Foundation.

It was nice that they very deliberately keep specifics partisan politics out of things– when a man got up to announce some upcoming MCGOP things, he was politely but firmly told that he could not do so during the meeting (due to their tax code of being “non-partisan”)– but everyone was free to meet with him after the meeting. More on that later.

Some items of interest were: On March 3rd people will be going to testify in Annapolis about the effects of the proposed budget.

We all recieved a free book from a Cuban exile named Agustin Blazquez, who co wrote a book called Covering and Discovering, about battling the Media that tries to disguise the truth. Once I read it, I’ll let you know how it is. The English part, at least, since my Spanish is Sesame Street level. I’m afriad I can’t find it on Amazon, either. If he’s at the next meeting, I’ll try to get some ordering info from him.

They are planning on having a Tax-Day (April 15) Tea Party in Rockville, this year.

Finally, as regards the MCGOP:  1) Precint Organization training will be held March 7 and March 20. The 2010 MCGOP Convention will be March 6 9am to noon (it’s free, btw). Finally, there will be a fundraise on March 18th at 6om– a dinner with Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger as speaker, which might be pretty cool. That’s $125 to get in the door, not bad for a fundraiser. . . Check out the site, as there are some other upcoming events listed.

Ben’s speech was really a good summary of a lot of what he’s written for Heritage. Some highlights:

  • Global Warming (GW) if it exists at all, falls short of a crisis, see Climategate, et al.
  • But, if it were a problem, how much would be solved by the legislation under conderation? Ans: None.
  • Is there a better way to deal with GW or other future challenged? Yes, Rights, Rule of Law, smaller gov’t.
  • 1 Green Job kills 2.2 Actual Jobs, leaving a net loss of 1.2 jobs for every Green Job “Saved or Created.”
  • The real agenda, as seen most clearly at the Copenhagen Debacle, is the Redistribution of wealth from the West to the “poorer nations”, who attended to try to get handouts.
  • The proper solution to any of these Climate problems (if, indeed, they even exist) can be seen in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, where there is a clear correlation between Economic Freedom and Environmental Protection. That is, the more economically free, the wealthier a country is, the better they care for their environment, and vise versa.

If you want more details, just read Ben’s work linked above.

Finally, re: Climate Change Bushwah, I was able to get an email copy of a paper called 13 Definitive Reasons to Question Global Warming. I haven’t finished this yet, either, but I’ll want to contact the author before posting any excerpts, as the only contact I have to put as a link at the moment is his email, and I don’t want to publish that if I don’t have too. Anyway, I hope to soon share some of the highlights from that.

Video: Rutledge at Montgomery County GOP Open House

So, I’ve finally had time to find the video from the Montgomery County MD GOP Open House. This is Jim Rutledge addressing speaking, and I’m postnig this so you can draw your own decisions on the matter.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I haven’t found any video from the debate this past Tuesday (I was going to go, but something else that was postponed from the snow was rescheduled for then, and I really had to go to that.) I’ll keep looking, as I can’t imagine no one recorded it. . .

I’ll also be looking for videos of the other candidates to post. ^_^

Kyyaaaa . . .

Yeah, the snow really threw me off my rhythm. My apologies. I’ve got catching up to do at work, but I should be up and functioning properly soon. I want to catch up with the MD Senate race, some Garden entries, that King Cake recipe, and other sundries.

But, work is what pays, and is a priority at the moment.


In the meantime, join in a round of “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”

Daniel McAndrew: 4th Challenger to Mikulski

Found Daniel McAndrew’s website –> it’s now in the blogroll. I’ll be updating my chart to include his info, but in the meantime, you can check him out. He (along with the other three) will be participating in the Young Republicans’ debate on the 16th.

. . .Which also happens to be Mardi Gras. I wonder if they’ll have beads and King Cake  . . .

Meeting Jim Rutledge

So, I did go to the Montgomery County Republican Party Open House this evening, and I’m glad I did. As with another attendee, I had expected a big room, people milling about and socializing, maybe one or two people addressing everyone, and then more socializing. You know, an Open House. I suppose since Republicans in Montgomery County MD are such a rare bird, we got something even better– comfy chairs around a long table (three put together), with a few addresses and the main item being Jim Rutledge presenting himself and his ideas and why we ought to help him kick Mikulski out of the US Senate.

I deliberately did not bring in my notepad, or even a pen, as I wanted to avoid being so busy scribbling down words that I didn’t get a chance for impressions. Tonight was about looking the candidate in the eye, watching his body language, and trying to get a feel for who he is as a person (and likewise for his staff). So, my impressions:

1) I do hope they update the pic on the website– he’s shaved and gotten a haircut since those pictures, and looks a lot better. A rather shallow observation, but voters can be shallow people, and sadly in our fallen, imperfect world, looks have a lot to do with many things. So, yes, much better looking in person.

2) Jim really focused his address on the need to have less government interference in people’s lives. He noted all the spending that Mikulski has voted for in this year alone, capping everything off with that horrid vote to raise the debt ceiling. He then contrasted this with “And what has this done for Maryland?” Answer: Not a whole bloody lot. He noted the unemployment in Ocean City (11%) and other places in Maryland that are farther from DC. He noted too, the skyrocketing foreclosure rate in Maryland, and how none of the spending Babs has voted for has helped Western MD, Southern MD, or the Eastern Shore.

3) In answer to a question, he affirmed that he was personally in favor of term limits, but realized that as it would need a Constitutional Amendment, that it would be a tough sell.

4) Jim, like everyone else in the room, was clearly energized by the recent Scott Brown victory in MA. Almost all of what he talked about were topics that would appeal to the Tea Party folk– fiscal conservatism, small government. Twice, he did say “I am a Reagan Republican.” Granted, saying it doesn’t make it so, but the Tea Party people clearly who he’s trying to market himself toward.

5) He really seems to believe it’s possible for him to win the Senate seat, but he also has no illusions about how very difficult it will be. I’m not sure if he actually said this, but I got the impression, that was the very reason he was coming to Montgomery County so early– Winning the Montgomery Country precincts would be a total coup.

6) Although he did have some notes on the table in front of himself, he mostly spoke freely. No teleprompters, no reading off the sheets. He seems to be new to this, in that his delivery didn’t flow forth in a torrent of eloquence– but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s the beginning of February, for one thing, when most people in the state aren’t even thinking about elections. I suspect with a little more time in front of people, he’ll get it all ironed out. He devoted half his time to taking questions from attendees, and doing his best to answer clearly and honestly.

All in all, at this point in time, I’d say this is a man I can support for this seat. Granted, I haven’t met any of the other candidates yet, and I’d like to do so before throwing support to one or another. But, should Jim Rutledge win the primary, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. I did receive a little campaign brochure that is basically a very abbreviated version of his website.

In addition to hosting Candidate Jim Rutledge, the MC Repubs also spoke on some local issues of importance. Robin Ficker got up and spoke about his new initiative to institute term limits for the Montgomery County Council, and passed around petition sheets for folk to sign to get the language on the ballot in November. Sadly (or perhaps happily?) there were more people in attendance than he had forms, so I ended up without one.

Betty Kuck also presented a short briefing on the state of the Maryland Budget (2 billion dollar deficit, 8.3 billion dollar long-term structural deficit), and the way teachers unions are blocking education reforms that would help us get Race to the Top funding. And, current Governor O’Malley has already been endorsed by the Maryland State Education association–even though his opponent is yet unknown. [Although, as a side note, we’re all pretty sure Erlich will be running again].

Finally, I also picked up a bumper sticker that says “Loose your freedom? Enough Taxes? Vote ALL Big Spenders OUT”

Hn. Yes.

Some AFP attendees took video, so if I get ahold of it, I’ll post so you can see and decide about this Rutledge fellow for yourself.

All in all a good evening. The Young Republicans will be hosting a debate in a week or two, so I’ll try to get to that so I can see the candidates all together, do a compare/ contrast.