11 April 2014 News



First off, a correction:Yesterday’s link regarding the slaughter of Christians might be a fake. Sorry, just learned about that. However, here’s a link to something real, from one of the most credible people on the planet.


Related: Brandeis disgraces itself with its treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Kinda related: Is it me, or is Walid Shoebat starting to lean a bit Catholic? Look a this blog, and find the entries written by Walid Shoebat. . .

Capitol Hill Doings:

Lois Lerner Found in Contempt of Congress. Well, du~uh, and long past time for it tooDeansmile. Not that it’ll do much, but I appreciate the gesture. Although, I gotta say, everytime Trey Gowdy opens his mouth, I swoon like a teenaged girl meeting Jensen Ackles. ..

Sebelius resigns. She was given a crap job and no support, did the best she could with a turd sammich, tried to polish it nice for her d-bag boss. . . Truth be told, I ain’t gonna miss her, but I do have a bit of repect for the terrible position she was in.

The Bundy Ranch Seige

Attack Dogs and Tasers

Calling on the Sheriff to Arrest the Federales

The Next Waco (or Ruby Ridge, for that matter)

Bundy Ranch Blog (this goes right to the donation page)

There is word that the Militias are startign to arrive in numbers, now. I’ll try to post when I have something more solid.

Other updates:


08 April 2014 News Posts

I’m working on a series regarding current science. In the meantime, I need to get back to posting these. A lot going on out there that folk aren’t hearing about. Gotta do my part to change that.

Solar-Seismic Update 14 March 2012

General Overview from S0, including a neato little anomaly with the magnetopause (which, to be honest, I’ve never looked at before):

there’s some interesting discussion in the comments between S0 and Mr2Tuff (usually the case between them) that you might want to look at.

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Solar-Seismic Update 8 March 2012

Five minutes later, user Solarwatcher posted this:


A Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse measuring 58nT was detected at 11:05 UTC. Geomagnetic Storm expected inside the next 4-6 hours.

All indications are that it’s starting to hit now, and will probably continue for a large part of the day.

Also, the RSOE lists a couple of 5.1s in Vanuatu early this morning.

Solar-Seismic Update 5 March 2012

6.1 EQ in Argentina:

X 1.1 Solar Flare

We are now just about 2 weeks from the 188-189 day mark since the last Major EQ. If this theory is accurate, it means we can expect an uptick in seismic activity from now through the 22-23 of this month. Let’s see. . .


Solar-Seismic Update 2/22/12

A forecast for the current days:

Sakurajuma Volcano over the past few days:

EQ in New Madrid Fault Zone:

Some Solar updates (and other bits) from S0 (in reverse order):

Also, tangentially related–

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Solar-Seismic Update

There was a 6.0 off the Coast of Oregon last night:

The Suspicious 0bservers, at the end of their daily vid, address the current solar weather:

Other interesting bits of science: Capturing images of photons:

Finally, you may wonder why I’ve been starting to have running updates on Solar and Seismic activity. To be honest, a year ago I didn’t really care, but then the Japan quake happened, and there were some really interesting things about it, especially that some people, working of varying theories, had predicted it. One girl called the exact date, and begged for people living on the Pacific Coast– and she called out Japan specifically– to get to high ground. Her video was dated several weeks before the Quake/Tsunami hit, but she got it right. Now, since then, I’ve learned quite a bit, and I honestly think she’s a bit of a kook. But, no amount of kookiness can deny the fact that she called the exact date of the quake, and also got the location. She was definitely on to something.

Since that time, I’ve been running into a few interesting theories, most of which have a great deal of overlap with each other, but each with essential, core differences. These theories run from the edge of reason–Sitchin’s Nibiru theory– to the much more plausible Magnetic Universe theories. In particular, I am very interested in the Harmonic Resonance theories, which work in nicely with the Solar Magnetic Influence Theories. I take to these theories because, honestly, I am a musician by training, and they make a lot of sense to a music-theory nut like myself.

As best I can describe it, imagine this– the gravitational/magnetic influence between any two given bodies in the solar system is a certain “pitch” which is determined by the relative mass of each pair and the distance between them. So, Sun-Earth has a pitch that increases or decreases throughout the year. Same with Earth-Moon, Earth-Mars, Earth-Pluto, Earth-Vesta, Venus-Uranus, etc. . . Most of the time, these various “pitches” are a muddled mess, frequencies and harmonic overtones mostly cancelling each other out save for the great Bass notes and overtones coming from the Sun to each main body (planet), and from each planet to their relative satellites. However, at certain points, these pitches and harmonics fall into “chords”– moments when pitches are no longer cancelling, but amplifying each other, fitting into each other like pieces of a puzzle. In those moments, the Gravitational/ Magnetic forces resonating between the bodies invovled in the “chord” are such that noticable effects happen, such as increased (or sudden) seismic activity. In the worlds of older times, this is the Music of the Spheres.

Due to my interest in the overall subject matter, the videos I’ll be posting in the future will include the Solar Forecasts (as the sun is just as effected by these chords and progressions as eery other body ni the system), as well as the upcoming Planetary Alignments of note. Here us one recent video (mind, it’s an hour and a half, so if you’re interested, set some time aside) that evaluates the Nibiru and Harmonic theories in light of some of the most ancient records still surviving.

Solar- Seismic Update 14 Feb 2012 *UPDATED*

A fair amount of activity. I had expected some, but not this much– I’ve noticed that I tend to underestimate, I think as a reaction to the habit of some people to overestimate.

Yesterday– 6.1 EQ in Costa Rica

UPDATE: Thanks to Freedom1781 for pointing out the 5.6 in Northern CA yesterday!


Early today:

6.0 EQ near Honshu, Japan

6.5 EQ in Solomon Islands:

5.1 EQ in Baja, Mexico. Part of ongoing swarm.

An overview of several things, including current solar conditions