08 April 2014 News Posts

I’m working on a series regarding current science. In the meantime, I need to get back to posting these. A lot going on out there that folk aren’t hearing about. Gotta do my part to change that.

Solar-Seismic Update 5 March 2012

6.1 EQ in Argentina:

X 1.1 Solar Flare

We are now just about 2 weeks from the 188-189 day mark since the last Major EQ. If this theory is accurate, it means we can expect an uptick in seismic activity from now through the 22-23 of this month. Let’s see. . .


Solar- Seismic Update 14 Feb 2012 *UPDATED*

A fair amount of activity. I had expected some, but not this much– I’ve noticed that I tend to underestimate, I think as a reaction to the habit of some people to overestimate.

Yesterday– 6.1 EQ in Costa Rica

UPDATE: Thanks to Freedom1781 for pointing out the 5.6 in Northern CA yesterday!


Early today:

6.0 EQ near Honshu, Japan

6.5 EQ in Solomon Islands:

5.1 EQ in Baja, Mexico. Part of ongoing swarm.

An overview of several things, including current solar conditions


A Roundup of *Head-smack!*

A selection for you today, of things that might make you smack your own forehead like Bart Simpson watching Homer trying to assemble a tricycle.

First, AOL News notices that celebrities don’t seem to have much interest in the Oil problems down in the Gulf. When searching for an explantation, they conjecture that they are distracted with other disasters (Haiti and, a little inexplicably at the moment, Katrina) and “well, awards season isn’t for another nine months.”

Well, that and the bigger the disaster is, the better it fits into their plans. Why is James Carville (and hell, even Chris Matthews) way more upset about this than the environmentalists who screetch when someone discovers a time capsule with a can of Aquanet? C’mon, really. I understand that neither actors, rock stars, nor politicians can, themselves, fix the spill. But the former can do like they did for Haiti and Katrina, and like the Country singers did for Nashville. The White House can allow the locals to do what they need to do to mitigate the damage. But, no, instead the Pres. plays with balls of various sizes and then goes on vacation. [ADDED: Hillbuzz is wondering if this mess will cause Carville to turn on the Dems. I think maybe. Depends on where James sees his self-interest . . .]

Kuso. Anyway, next up is this: The Imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque Doesn’t Belive in Dialogue. This isn’t any surprise to anyone who pays any attention at all, but here’s some proof for the head-in-the-sand doubters. This mosque is being planned as a sign of domination– a big middle finger to New Yorkers, Americans, and Kafir like us everywhere. Blinkered N00bs try to say otherwise, because they’re scared and cowards and maybe, actually believe that this lot is one of the (increasingly, rare seeming) Good Muslims, who really do want to help things get better. So use this the next time someone tries to call you intolerant. No, you’re not intolerant, you’re just paying the slightest bit of attention.

(PS: God Bless Walid Shoebat, author of this piece. Man knows what he’s talking about, and has been trying to warn us for quite some time. . .)

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard about that SEIU protest in Bethesda on the bank exec’s lawn, right outside a house that was mostly empty– except for terrified adolescent boy on the inside. You know, the one the DC Cops escorted the protestors to? That one. Well, the founding bloggers went to Chi-town to see what people there thought of this tactic. Interesting viewing.

That’s the round up for now. Have a good day!

Father Knows Best ^_^

Father Jonathon Morris on FOX’s RedEye. Father Jon is really great– I’ve seen him on FOX before, as their sorta “Catholic Go-to Guy”, and he’s great.

Let’s be honest, it takes a bit of courage for a man of the cloth to go onto as show like RedEye known for it’s occasionally ribald humor, where any person may end up conversing with robots (as the good Father does, in fact, do). I love that he’s willing to show his own humor– this is a sort of ministry and outreach I think many Catholics overlook, to everyone’s loss.

Go Father Jon!

[Edited to include the following HatTip to. . . BigHollywood. Can’t believe I forgot to put that in . . .]

Today might be the day . . .

Hints of voter fraud are already popping up on the internet, enough for people to be cataloguing them already. The big question in the MA Senate election has never been “Can Brown Win?” but rather “Can Brown win by a big enough margin that the– now sadly routine– Dem voter fraud is a made moot?”

After the last few elections, people expect the Dems to lie, cheat and steal as a matter of course, and if Brown doesn’t win big, the Unions, Acorn, and all the dead zombie voters of MA will work overtime, vote 10 times, beat people, intimidate people, until Cloakley “pulls it off.”

But maybe not this time. Maybe, today, the voters of MA remind their politicians just who is in charge. Maybe today they take the first step in pulling us back from the brink. Maybe today, the next revolution starts in MA, once more.

Here, let me supply some motivational music:

Speaking of Monstrous Hydras . . .

Don’t forget about Islam. Apparently, our government is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, you read that right. I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around that myself, but Bill Whittle’s gonna have the scoop with PJTV soon. Here’s the preview. (If you have to sign up, bloody well do so. I could see it with my paltry free account. It’s worth the few minutes.

Also with that preview, a little trailer for The Third Jihad. You’re gonna wanna see that, too.

. . . Ne, wasn’t there something in revelation about a seven-headed dragon or some such? With ten crowns or something? I generally like dragons, though I prefer the one headed sort. Still, since I’ve hit on the hydra metaphor, how many heads to this hydra can we name? I’ll start:

1) Islam

Who can name the next six?

USA Junior Win ^_^!

I just saw the rebroadcast of last night’s World Junior Hockey Championship. John Carlson’s goal in OT was nothing short of beautiful, to give us (USA) the 6-5 victory (over Canada). I didn’t see much of the rest of OT, being busy with washing dishes and making tea, but I caught the goal. This is a nice change of pace, seeing as Canada has owned this for years. BTW, Carlson currently plays for the Hershey Bears, the farm team for the Washington Capitols (my home team, and team of choice). Excellent! Here’s Video (the last half is replays):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkSFwtlBKd0 [For some reason, the embed isn’t working. . .]

What I saw of the rest was good on both sides. Canada fought well, a worthy foe.