The Hypocrisy of Modern Gaia Worship

One thing I’ve never understood about the current environmental movement is their insistance that humans are part of nature, but at the same time, we’re not. To the modern Evironmentalist, Humans are Animals, yes. But, we exist to another standard than every animal that has gone before.

Evironmentalists like Van Jones want Mother Earth to have Rights, many maintain that she is an organism on a grand scale, and even has some sentience and awareness. But, then, on the other hand, they fail to ignore some key communiques from Her Bigness . . .

Many people in this cult seem to be of the belief that the ecosystems of the world “Exist in a delicate balance.” This is pure and utter horsesh!t– if things in nature were balanced, we’d all be single celled blobs living in the ocean. The very nature of Earth is imbalance– from tides, tectonic shifts, the weather. . . to the greatest arms race on the planet, Evolution. Imbalance drives life, it drives everything in this planet. (Unless, like me, you believe in God, in which case it is He that is the Prime Mover who shifts and tips and weighs along the way.)

Species have been going extinct for millions of years. We’ve had absolutely nothing to do with most of them. Nature herself has killed off most of her own creations (again, speaking from the Gaiaist POV, not the Christian). If, as the Gaiaists posit, we humans are simply another animal that evolved out of the muck, then we are just as sumbject to her whims, caprices, and planning as every other creature. We are part of that “balace.”

If Gaia is sentient, is it not possible that, instead of being her enemy as the Gaiaists say, we are in fact her arms? Her hands? If a small species only exists in a place that is necessary to use for human society, is it not part of the Evolutionary Arms Race to do as it seems Gaia desires, and rid the planet of the species? Everyone in this cult assumes that Stasis is Her desire, but all indications are that Gaia likes movement, change. New things come, other things go. The Dinosaurs got old, so they were blasted away. The Mammoths were troublesome, so they were melted and hunted down. This bird over there was a pest, to the fleas took care of it. . . that little mammal was a problem, so a convenient lightning strike burned down their forest.

If we are Gaia’s creatures, and if another species exists in the place of our activity as a species, are we not to do the same thing that every other species on the planet does, and just go ahead and do our thing? If this causes the extinction of an owl, fish, or lizard. . . one that doesn’t exist in a lot of places and seems deliberately placed in our way . . . oughtn’t we heed the apparent wish of Gaia and roast the buggers?

Likewise, if we do our thing, and the creatures adapt (like crows and coyotes),  is this not a sign that Gaia favors those creatures? The Ceolocanth clearly is a favorite of hers. . .

I just want to get these beliefs straight. Either we humans are animals subject to Gaia’s Desires, or we are not.

UPDATE: Here’s the overview of a recent meeting on the matter.


2 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Modern Gaia Worship

  1. Everytime we have a tornado come through, I wonder at all the environmentalist who are under the delusion that we have a real impact over the earth to the extent that their goddess Gaia needs help in removing us. If she were real and wanted us gone, the resources available are much more than we can comprehend and need no help from the very ones that they assume she want’s to get rid of!


    • Exactly. If the planet is sentient (and, God is wondrous and full of surprises, so I dunno), I think they’re insulting the girl.

      I always imagined that Gaia, if real, would speak in a deep, Russian-type accent. “I am strong, like bull! Your petty power plants and pollution are as nothing to me. Me! Who raised and destroyed the dinosaurs, who withstood the asteroids and deep space radiation! You liitle bugs can no more harm me than a puff of dandelion seed can harm you . . . ”

      And she’d be a broad, in every sense of the world, lol. . .


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