An Effing Huge Pack, Not a Herd

There’s been trouble, lately. Yessir, right here in Righty City. But it ain’t pool. It’s Strategy. The Rightosphere is in a bit of a tussle right now, people bickering back and forth over the importance of the Utter Lack of Documentation of Teh Won, which is to say, The Traitor In The Oval Office Issue.

To side 1, we have the likes of Glenn Beck and other well-known Conservatives who believe that the whole thing  is a waste of time, and a distraction– even if all the theories are true. They believe that this is taking our focus off what they consider to be the Big Issue– The Deliberate Tanking of Our Economy To Create Slaves Plan. They believe that every moment spent pondering the legitimacy of the Occupier is a moment not spent pondering the AntiChrist’s Vicar-on-Earth, George Soros

To Side 2, we have such highly esteemed writers as Ann Barnhardt and other bloggers of quality (BigFurHat, ITookTheRedPill, etc . . .) who maintain that this Fraud-In-Chief Issue is the keystone that, if broken upon the world–and acted upon– destroys completely the Create Slaves Plan. They believe that ignoring this issue is destroying the Constution just as surely as perpetrating the fraud itself.

There is a third side, standing outside the ring, watching this and saying “This infighting is exactly according to the Create Slaves Plan . . .”

But overall, 2 sides. Who is right?

Well, not to be Jesuitical about it (I was trained by the best, though!). . . both are correct, in as far as they go. However, one is a little more mistaken in it’s premise than the other– Side 1.

Here’s where I respectfully disagree with Beck, Allahpundit, Morrisey, and other fine people. There is the sense, in their argument, that the Tea Party/ Conservative mass, can only focus on one thing at a time. That there is a Single Big Issue that we can focus on, and everything else must be secondary, at best. In their minds, the Tea Party is something akin to maybe a herd or hive mind, working as one, with one goal and one plan. One upon a time, they would have been right. When there was only the MSM for news, when proper channels meant something, when political parties actually served a purpose, I think this was a very accurate understanding. Most people can only devote all their energy to one thing. But things have changed.

For one, of course, is the rise of alternative media– far beyond Limbaugh and G Gordon Liddy of the mid ’90s. The internet has exploded the sources and channels of news and communication. The narrative, despite the efforts of many, is not controlled. It flows on its own, driven by the people who click and read and follow links. Second, partially due to this new freedom of information across the country, the political parties are mostly redundant (at best), or otherwise entirely useless. There are no parties, really, anymore. The Democrats were eaten by the Socialists and Anarchists, and the Republicans–if they’re lucky– will be subsumed by the Tea Party. Finally, with all the training this generation and younger has had with multi-tasking, we’re far better at it. We can follow several issues at once. One still puts a larger chunk of energy toward one issue over others, but this doesn’t mean that a ton of people putting in somewhat smaller efforts won’t have the same effect. An Army of Davids armed with Post-its may be able to do more than Glenn Beck with a microphone. Put this with the newfreedom of communication and information, and we are no longer simply a herd, to be steered by the Lead Stallion.

No, we are a pack. A Massive, huge, ginormous Pack. We all specialize in different things, but we still work as a great big team. Think: An army that works like a wolf–or velociraptor– pack.

Imagine this. There is a Princess held captive at the top of a mountain. At a certain time, she is going to be sacrificed to the Devil– it’s up to you to save her in time. Your way is blocked by orcs, goblins, trolls, and other nasty things. But, in a small temple on a neighboring mountain is a The Sword of Truth, a blade that, if you get it, will slay all your opponents for you, and will also carry you up the mountain. It, however, is guarded by dragons and balrogs. And time is ticking. What do you do?

Side 1 says “Forget the stupid sword! Rescue the Effing Princess!”

Side 2 says “Me and what army? Oh yeah, that army. Hey, Delta Teams 1,5,7, Ranger Squads Bravo, Charlie and Gamma– you all, go get that sword and bring it back to us! Delta Teams 2,3,8 and Ranger Squads Alpha, Sigma, Epsilon– build a helicopter. The rest of you– start killing orcs already!”

Start the rescue immediately. And go for the Sword of Truth. Do both.

Look, the post it campaign probably won’t have much luck with BC-themed post its. It’s too esoteric at the moment. But that doesn’t mean this Truth shouldn’t be pursued. Truth should always be pursued. These anomalies must be caught now, analyzed and understood. Even if they don’t bear fruit for several years– if we wait to pursue, memories fade, details (perhaps damning) slip away. Catch everything you can, now, and sort it out. Let us build this understanding so that when we have that chance, we have our sh!t together and ready to go. Such windows are often small and fleeting. Let’s make sure we can grab it when it comes.

In the meantime, without missing a beat, we can also talk to our neighbors and the people in the grocery checkout line. We can leave pointed little post-its and do everything we can to get people on board. We can show them the economic trouble as it relates to them and start bringing them over. We can confront the corruption in the schools.

How do you think we got in this mess to begin with? You had a large mass of people, attacking America from every conceivable angle. If they can do it, so can we, only in reverse. We can attack these Treasonous Sons of Whores from every possible angle, all the time. Keep hammering, from every direction, over and over and over. Don’t let up.

Save The Princess. Get the Sword. Do it all.


7 thoughts on “An Effing Huge Pack, Not a Herd

    • Ug. Even if he were eligible . . . Ug. On history and principles alone, No. Only Lindsey Graham would even consider it. Marco Rubio and Alan West would leave the party, I’m sure, over such a travesty.

      So, very unlikely.


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